Machine Translation

Machine Translation is a process of translation using computational linguistics.

A machine translation engine is a software tool that translates a text from one language to another without the help of human translators.

Machine Translation is widely used as the first round of translations and is frequently very effective for short strings. However, Machine Translation can produce unsatisfactory results when context knowledge is required, and thus, a human review is always advised.

Machine translation engines recently experienced huge improvements related to the advanced use of neural networks, but they generally rely on these different methods:

  • Statistical Machine Translation
  • Example-based Machine Translation
  • Hybrid Machine Translation
  • Neural Machine Translation

Neural machine translation is the most sophisticated type of instant translation today. It uses machine learning to improve its translation capabilities, so as the engine translates more text with each request, the better results it produces with time by learning. Most instant translation services use this technology.

Localazy users can utilize the most popular and advanced Machine Translation engines to translate their content:

  • Amazon Translate (available for free)
  • Google Translate
  • DeepL
  • Azure Translator

Users can unlock the other three engines by subscribing to the Autopilot plan or higher. See our pricing.

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