While Android itself supports app localization, there are many guides online on how to translate an Android app into more languages. But ask yourself. As a developer, are you a localization expert? Do you know all the bits and bobs, specialties, and differences of over 500 languages worldwide? It is not that easy to keep up with both language and technical requirements as a single developer who wants to localize a mobile app.

Correct language localization requires much more and the better multilanguage app support you want and the more product flavors you have, the more issues you will have to address.

Forget the old-fashioned way. Now you can use the Android localization library by Localazy. You can use two methods of integration with Localazy, and both of them deliver increased workflow productivity to your Android development projects.

🕹️ Set up the Gradle plugin 🔗

The most convenient way is to use the Localazy Gradle plugin. It can be integrated with your project in under 15 minutes and is entirely safe to use.

The plugin has several important functions:

  • it integrates tightly with the Android Gradle plugin to understand your project’s structure
  • it uploads strings including metadata about flavors, build types, etc. to the translation platform
  • it integrates the Localazy Android library into the bytecode of your app so translations can be updated on-the-fly
  • while building your app, it replaces the app’s resources with updated translations
Read more about our Gradle plugin for Android app localization

What do developers say about our localization library? 🔗

Read testimonials from Android developers who are already Localazy users:

Translated an android project with a very complex structure, worked as a charm!

Perfect tool to translate Android apps: I'm starting to use localazy to translate my last Android app and I'm stuned by the quality of the product, the documentation and the support. You instantly feel that the product as been developed by developers that konws the constraints of localization.
It will remove a lot of headaches related to translations.
Thanks a lot! Kudos to the team 🙌

A great automated translation tool for even a non-developer: I got to know about this product from a friend. They told me that it provides OTA translations, I was in total denial first. But when I first checked it out I was totally in awe. It removes the hassle of adding new languages via each app update.

You can read more reviews on Trustpilot, SourceForge, or Capterra to see why Localazy is the best solution for Android localization.

⚙️ Use our advanced CLI 🔗

Although our Gradle plugin is a state-of-art solution for Android localization, we ultimately can understand that in some cases, you may want to use a different way to localize Android apps, such as our powerful CLI tool.

Using our CLI tool, you can use Localazy as part of your CI/CD and keep your code free of any external libraries. Of course, you will not be able to utilize excellent benefits such as live OTA updates of new translations.

On the other hand, you can still benefit from the enormous value of our translation management system without the need to change your code.

Localazy is the best solution for Android app localization!

🗝️ Start translating on your own 🔗

After you successfully connect your project to Localazy, you can jump right in and start translating. Localazy offers an advanced suggestions system with built-in machine translation engines (such as DeepL) to help you boost the effectiveness of the translation process.

Read why professional translators love using Localazy

On top of that, you can opt-in to share translations in a community translation memory (ShareTM) to get parts of your app translated immediately and help others by providing your own translations to the pool.

▶️ Read our Getting started guide or invite contributors and volunteers to get some help on your localization journey.

🚀 Never manage translators again 🔗

You can use Localazy on your own or invite contributors to help you with translation and achieve great results. However, if you would like to save time and effort and focus on improving your Android app, Localazy got your back.

Focus on what’s important and order translations from the Localazy Continuous Localization Team (CLT) to automatically and proactively translate your texts to selected languages. Localazy has many expert translators under the hood, and they will work for you without you having to hire, assess, and payroll them on your own.

▶️ Get started now, order proactive translations from the Continuous Localization Team and forget about translator management forever. 🤩

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