Language Permissions

Language permissions provide you with more granular control of your project contributors. Define who can translate only specific languages and decide on the project-wide rules.

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Language permissions are available in the Agency tier and above

Language permissions can be set only for Translators and Reviewers in the project. Owners and Managers always have a full access to all languages.

Default language permissions đź”—

It’s possible to configure default language permissions for the project. Navigate to Project settings and pick one of the two options under “Default language permissions” section.

  • New members can access all languages – Project members can see and contribute to any language in the project.
  • Restrict new members from any access – Project members won’t see any project languages, unless assigned. Article Image

Set language permissions đź”—

To assign a language to a project member, navigate to the Contributors page. In the dropdown menu, select Edit language permissions option.

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It will open a modal window where you can pick all the languages the person will be allowed to translate.

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The users will then be able to see only their assigned languages in the language list. However, they will still be able to view (read only) a list of translations in other languages in the Languages tab during translating to help them with context.

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