Additional MT Engines

Localazy provides Amazon Translate suggestions by default. However, ability to compare different MT engine suggestions leads to better translations. This feature enables MT from various engines directly in the translation interface, where you have the most context.

How to enable Additional MT? 🔗

Additional MT Engines are an advanced feature and are available with the Autopilot plan and higher tiers.

How it works? 🔗

Activating “Additional MT” enables it for all your apps in Localazy. Everyone involved in the translation process can use the new suggestions, leading to faster translations and generally better translation quality.

Currently supported MT engines are:

  • Amazon Translate (default)
  • Google Translate
  • DeepL
  • Azure Translator

To request integration with an additional MT engine which not already present in the list above, please contact us at [email protected]

On top of these external engines, the Additional MT add-on enables you to see suggestions from ShareTM for translations, even when your app is not a part of ShareTM (App Settings > Use community translations = off).

With the Autopilot plan active, everyone involved in translating your apps should immediately see the suggestions from supported machine translation engines.

MT pre-translate 🔗

With the Autopilot plan active, new feature becomes available in the File Management section - MT pre-translate. Use it to apply machine translations of your choice to your texts in the available files. Just select the desired engine and target language.

Don’t worry about pre-translate overwriting your work. The pre-translate function does not affect existing translations!

You can also choose if you want to send new translations to review or approve them all.

Localazy Machine Translation Pre-Translate