How and why use CDN? #️⃣

Localazy CDN is the best way to automate the translation delivery for your project. With Localazy CDN, you can set up your project in a way that allows you to deliver localizable assets directly to your users from Localazy servers. With Localazy CDN, fixing a typo or missing translation can be done without rebuilds and repeated releases.

For mobile apps, we have OTA (Over-the-air) updates. Both CDN and OTA serve the same purpose, which is delivering translated content directly to your users. Localazy CDN works best with web applications.

The difference is that our OTA Updates already come with a library/SDK for Android & iOS. There are so many available options to implement the CDN that we leave it to our users to decide their best approach.

Learn how to implement the Localazy CDN in our tutorial

Activate the Localazy CDN #️⃣

To activate the CDN, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your project and select the Translation Delivery option in the left menu.
  2. From there, you can select if you’d like to set up CDN or OTA, select CDN.
  3. Click on Activate CDN and add your card.
  4. CDN is enabled, check the status on the next page after you are redirected back from Stripe.

Get links to your files #️⃣

When your setup is complete, there are two ways to obtain the links to your localizable files on the CDN.

Localazy Platform #️⃣

From the CDN page, you can click on the Browse Files button or navigate to your project’s File management from the side menu.

In the File management section, click on the three dots menu of the file for which you want to get the CDN links. Here you can copy the URL for one of your languages and a metafile URL.

Localazy CLI #️⃣

You can also get links to your files via Localazy CLI.

Learn how to get CDN links through CLI commands in the CLI documentation article.

Pricing #️⃣

The pricing for Localazy CDN is based on consumed resources - HTTPS requests, data transfers, and resources associated with publishing your changes across the network. When activated, we charge your card at the end of the billing period for the volume your project consumed in the previous month.

Learn more about Localazy CDN pricing.

Further Reading #️⃣