Figma Localization

Tackle design localization with Localazy. Quickly test your designs' compatibility with new languages and seamlessly use the translations during development.

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Translate your Figma project 🖌️

Translate your Figma project 🖌️

Start with design localization within minutes. No complicated setup is needed.

Import your Figma texts to Localazy and translate everything into a language of your choice.

Get new languages in a click 🖱️

Get new languages in a click 🖱️

Apply translated texts in a language of your choice immediately to test the compatibility of your designs with new languages.

  • Localize your ad banners and other visual content in minutes.
  • Seamlessly transfer strings from your designs to your code repository. 

Figma Localization

Here’s a list of problems that might surprise you unprepared during the design process:

  • Bidirectionality (LTR/RTL) of languages
  • Distribution of word lengths in various languages
  • Copying strings from design to code (time-consuming duplications)
  • Continuous design localization problem & keeping track of updates
  • and more…

Figma Plugin by Localazy helps to resolve these problems with ease.

Last updated: 21/09/2022

You can start using Localazy Figma Plugin by activating the Autopilot Tier or higher in the Localazy Marketplace.

Learn more about our Pricing plans.

Last updated: 10/08/2023

A seemingly perfect design in one language might not necessarily be suitable for every localized variant. And it is the best practice to resolve problems that might appear before implementing the feature.

  1. Upload texts from Figma into Localazy.
  2. Add languages.
  3. Quickly translate strings using the MT pre-translate feature.
  4. In Localazy Figma Plugin, download the pseudo-localized content.
  5. Test several translations, update the design and fix emerging issues.

Read more about Features & Workflows in the documentation.

Last updated: 01/08/2022
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If I have to recommend a tool to handle the translation, I will talk about Localazy for sure.

As the scaleway dashboard engineering manager, we use Localazy to set up a friendly environment for us and our translation team.

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Alexandre Philibeaux Engineering Manager
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Well designed tool with many features

We are operating multiple complex websites with many localisations. Managing and keeping all dictionaries up-to-date was pure hell before we switched to Localazy. We are now easily able to review, manage and keep all dictionaries up-to-date whenever we add or modify any functionality.

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Filip Kotora CTO RAILVIS
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Very powerful translation system with affordable cost

We looked for a solution that can cover several use cases across our project and Localazy is a clear winner. Thanks to CLI tools, git and branching, and features we could integrate Localazy with GitHub Actions for automated documentation translation delivery.

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Yuriy Andamasov CEO VyOS Inc
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Developer- and translator-friendly service. Great user experience!

Localazy has been a game-changer for our localisation efforts. I have tried various localisation tools in the past, but Localazy stands out as the best one. It not only takes away all the headaches related to creating and maintaining up-to-date localisation resources and allows you to easily create a community that helps with the translation. The service offers a rich set of automation options, starting with technical ones such as a CLI that can be used in a CI pipeline or OTA/CDN updates/delivery and ending with various machine pre-translations or human-assisted continuous translation. And all that is on top of a responsive and attentive team behind the project.

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Valeriy Kovalenko Localazy user
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"We enjoy combining our in-house people, automated professional translations, and crowdsourcing the translations from the community in one project without too much management needed to make everything work."

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Lukáš Tóth Product Manager at Rouvy
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Customers 1st - Testimonial

"I'd recommend Localazy to other peers in my industry. It offers good pricing, has a good UI and ultimately does its job. Being able to find missing translations and easily use machine translations is very smart."

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Lasse Melbye CTO & Co-Founder at Customers 1st
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