Rouvy has leveraged the Localazy CDN to serve users around the world

Rouvy is a global indoor cycling platform for athletes & sports enthusiasts that lets you ride, exercise, and compete using a realistic simulation that includes +2000 scenic bike routes all over the world.

The Challenge

Reaching non-English speakers globally

Making the cycling app more familiar to cycling enthusiasts around the world. Offering content to users in the language they speak by carefully localizing their app & website to five more languages. In addition, they simplified their localization workflow, as they were managing PO files back and forth with a translation agency.

"Localazy is a really user-friendly platform. We enjoy combining our in-house people, automated professional translations, and crowdsourcing the translations from the community in one project without too much management needed to make everything work."
Lukáš Tóth
Product Manager at Rouvy
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The Solution

Localazy made the big quality push

Rouvy used Localazy TMS, our Content Delivery Network, and Professional Translation Services to automate their localization processes. Full implementation took just one month, while the integrations with Android, iOS, Desktop, and Apple TV were ready in two weeks.

ROUVY has also invited volunteers from various regions to help them crowdsource translations. Strapi was later added after a round of alpha testing.


A powerful CDN to go all the way
  • Quick and painless implementation.
  • Fast integration methods.
  • User-friendly, time-saving automated workflows.
  • Continuous updates are guaranteed via CDN.
  • Maximum precision and cultural adaptability thanks to Professional Translation Services.
  • Community translations were utilized in some markets.
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The Result

Let the numbers do the talking

Over the course of three years, Localazy CDN has effectively processed more than 1.6 billion requests and efficiently delivered over 12 terabytes of localized data straight to ROUVY customers worldwide. These impressive figures highlight the capacity and performance of our CDN in enhancing localized digital experiences.

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