Localize Android app

Translate your Android app into 80+ languages for free and fix your app localization issues for good. Made for and by developers.

How does it work?

Add Localazy Gradle Plugin 🐘

Yeah, just two lines in build.gradle file.

Configure the plugin 🔧

The default config is good to go, and there is a lot of options for full control.
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No more uploading & downloading XML files 😉

Translated phrases of your app can be updated automatically over the air.

Manage translations & contributors 👨‍🦰👩👱

Everything important for high-quality translation and contributor management wrapped in a simple interface.
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Share translations with other apps 👐

Our shared translations localize your app automatically to new languages instantly and for free. In the spirit of sharing.
How it works?

Pro-active review. Peace of mind. 🧘

Verify translations and keep track of what happened while you are developing your app and making it better.
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Update translations over the air 🚀

Deliver updated translations and new languages on-line without resubmitting new app version to Play Store.
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What developers say about Localazy?

I learned that translating an app into as many languages as possible is one of the most important things. I came across Localazy looking for an economic and developer-friendly solution that could help me grow the app.

With the shared translations, the number of translated strings in my app increases day by day. All this for free without spending hundreds of euros for professional translators.

Teo Coding
author of Birthday reminder

Focus on what you love

Develop your app and make it better. Localazy is here to make app localization a seamless experience for you.

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Are you an Android developer? So are we!

Fair pricing 💳

All of our features are unlimited and without tiers. Pay only when you really have to, no recurring fees included. Test your app with the price calculator.

Flavors & Build Types 🍦

Localazy understands your project structure and correctly translates product flavors and build types.

App Bundles & Libraries 📖

Translate your app including dynamic app modules and libraries. App Bundles are fully supported too.

Array-lists & Plurals 👏

No compromises. Localazy supports all types of Android's resources, so you don't need to take care of it manually.

App versions 🔀

Localazy handles deprecated phrases and keeps them available for older versions of your app. No need to handle that on your side.

Optimized Translations 📈

Localazy collects anonymous stats and prioritizes the translation and review process based on phrase importance.

Secure 🔒

Security and safety is crucial for us. We follow best practices in data protection and use industry standard encryption to keep you and your users safe.

Reliable 👌

We are dogfooding, and Localazy is empowering our own apps, so you can stay assured it's always in top condition.

Proven ✅

We are no newcomers. 30+ years of combined experience make sure Localazy is safe harbour.

We know what it takes to translate your app fully & correctly.

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