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Managing organizations

Organizations enable companies to easily manage their localization teams, projects, and billing all under one roof.

What are organizations? 🔗

Localazy accounts are tied to individual users, and by signing up, we automatically give you your personal workspace to create new and contribute to existing projects. However, to collaborate within your localization team or company, you should start by creating an organization.

With a single Localazy account, you can create one organization and join an unlimited number of them.

Organizations are completely separate entities with individual billing, members, and projects. Other users cannot see which organizations you are a member of unless they’re managing the same organization. Project visibility depends on each project’s settings.

Create an organization 🔗

To create a new organization, click on the person avatar in the upper left corner, and in the modal window, click on “+ Create new organization

This action will switch you to the newly created organization. All new projects are then created under the currently selected organization.

Switch between organizations 🔗

If you are in a personal workspace or less than a manager in the current organization, switching an organization requires no more than clicking the person avatar in the upper left corner again and selecting an organization you want to switch to.

If you are in an organization you can manage, click the same avatar. You will be redirected to the organization page, where you can select Switch organization from the submenu.

Inviting members 🔗

Users can join an organization only upon invitation from other organization members who are at least Managers in that organization.

If you want to invite someone to your organization and have sufficient rights, you will see a “Invite members” button on the dashboard.

This should bring you to the Users page, where you can invite either existing users “+” button above the table or by email ✉️.

Organization members 🔗

Roles available in an organization are the same as roles used in projects.

Assigning a role to an organization member will set the role automatically for all organization projects.

You can override each role on the project level by navigating to the “Contributors” page. In this case, the project role always takes higher priority than the role set on the organization level.

Organization billing 🔗

Each organization has individual and separate billing. All organization owners can manage billing details and subscriptions.

Before subscribing to any product, we recommend filling in your organization’s billing details. Otherwise, the automatically generated invoices won’t contain the required information. You can complete this step in “Organization settings.”