What are organizations? #️⃣

Organizations help users and companies to manage their localization teams and projects. Each organization has a separate billing account and can contain multiple projects. Upon signing up to Localazy, we automatically create an organization for you. You can create new localization projects here and invite your team members to this organization.

Apart from the default organization, users can also belong to organizations they’ve been invited to by other users. Each user also has a workspace called My contributions. This workspace contains all active projects outside users’ organizations.

You can see a list of your organizations by visiting My dashboard. Selecting an organization from this list will bring you to the organization’s dashboard.

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Invite teammates #️⃣

If you want to invite teammates to your organization and have sufficient authorization to do so, you will see a “Invite members” button on the organization dashboard.

Invited members are automatically granted access to all organization’s projects. All members inherit the selected role from the organization. It’s possible to override this role on the project level. This allows you to fine-tune the access rights for each project if needed.

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Organization roles #️⃣

Available organization roles are the same as roles used in projects. However, when granted on the organization level, they allow for additional management rights.

Owners #️⃣

Organization Owners have full access to all projects in an organization. They can manage the organization’s members, billing, and settings.

Managers #️⃣

When granted, the user gains access to all organization projects as a Manager. Moreover, they can manage the organization’s members.

Reviewers #️⃣

When granted, the user gains access to all organization projects as a Reviewer.

Translators #️⃣

When granted, the user gains access to all organization projects as a Translator.

Organization billing #️⃣

You can upgrade your organization’s plan by visiting your Marketplace dashboard. Each organization has its own separate billing. We recommend setting your organization’s name before making a purchase. This name will be used later on the invoice. All organization Owners have access to billing details and subscriptions.

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