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Editing source language

Learn how to edit source language in Localazy.

With Localazy, users with Manager role or above may edit the application’s source language. This opens many possibilities, and the usage is up to you. Do you want others to correct typos in your source language as well? No problem. Would you like to provide textual context to a phrase? Absolutely.

Edit form & interface 🔗

To edit a source phrase, click on Translations tab in your app and then click on Manage button in the source language’s row. Now, by clicking on any phrase, you will navigate to a phrase edit form.

The form’s interface will adjust to the type of phrase you’re editing (string, array, or plural). On the right side, there is a phrase context summary which contains current translation, phrase note and state, and available metadata such as path or file.

Any manager can edit the value and add a translation note that will help translators and reviewers understand how this phrase is used within your application.

Require translation updates 🔗

Frequently, you may wish to edit the phrase without requiring new translations in other languages. For instance, if you notice in English that an article should precede a noun, you most likely don’t need to update translations in other languages such as German or French. The meaning has probably remained the same. In that case, you’d leave the update translations checkbox unchecked.

On the other hand, if the modification changes the meaning, you may enforce new translations for this phrase in all the languages you support by checking the checkbox. In that case, saving the phrase will mark it as source changed. The current translations will still be available for download in all languages, but they will require an update by translators.

Download source language changes 🔗

By default, your source language’s localization files are not downloaded when you run localazy download. This happens because our simplest workflow expects you to edit source language locally and directly commit them to your repository. To reflect source language changes in your code, you need to set includeSourceLang: true in localazy.json file in download section.

Now, running localazy download will also include your source language files and all their UI changes.