Translation is a process of text transformation into another language.

Translation (t9n) helps people understand given term in their native language. Translation is a vital part of Localization (l10n) and makes your app available for other languages.

Translation is the process of translating texts into more languages. This localization part is often the most tedious one as you can’t just introduce a few locale-based rules in your source code.

Translating texts to another language is hard. You need to know context/meaning. You can translate a word quickly, but without context, you can translate it the wrong way. For example, the term “book” can mean “reserve” or “piece of literature” in the Czech language. Both translations are correct, but which one is valid for a button? Context provides the right meaning.

ISO definition of term “translation” #️⃣

Set of processes to render source language content into target language content in written form.

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