Translation Memory

Translation memory is a database of previously translated terms that reduces translation costs and enhances productivity by reusing translations.

Translation Memory ™ is a essential feature that helps store and reuse translated terms. By avoiding the duplication of translating identical or similar texts, TM makes the whole translation process of your project faster and cheaper.

At Localazy, you can use ShareTM, that assists in providing translation suggestions based on previously approved translations:

ShareTM allows you to share your translations with the Localazy community and, in return, use translations from other projects. When you opt into ShareTM, your translations contribute to a shared memory pool, and in return, you receive suggestions from this broader database. This collaborative approach can speed up the translation process leveraging the work already done by others.

Main benefits: #️⃣

  • Cost Reduction: By reusing existing translations, you save on translation costs and resources.
  • Consistency: Ensures consistent terminology and phrasing across all your translations.
  • Efficiency: Speeds up the translation process by providing instant suggestions.
  • Collaboration: ShareTM promotes a collaborative environment where translations are shared and improved collectively, benefiting all users.

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