Our users are the most influential decision-makers in our product development journey. We love hearing your feedback and strive to always listen to your requirements. That's why we are making a slight change in the way Localazy ShareTM will work from now on.

😮 What even is ShareTM? 🔗

First, let's explain what ShareTM is. Localazy ShareTM is a shared translation memory built into our platform. It's inspired by developers; who share their code on GitHub, GitLab, or other places. They like to cooperate; they share their knowledge on StackOverflow and build libraries for other developers to use. So why not share translations as well? 😊

Localazy ShareTM allows you to do it. By enabling the sharing of your translations, you get access to translations of other projects in return. 🤲

You can read more about Localazy ShareTM in the documentation.

🤔 What is changing and why? 🔗

The ShareTM translations are often more accurate than machine translations and save time. However, we've learned from our users that these translations dwelled in the wrong place. 🙄

Previously, ShareTM was sending its translation suggestions straight into review as versions to choose from. While some matches were spot on, our users reported that it was slowing them down in the review process when their projects contained more complex strings and texts.

The ShareTM is here to stay, but we anticipate a significant positive impact on user experience and translator efficiency.

💡 That's why we are pulling ShareTM one level lower. ShareTM translations will be included only as suggestions on the translation screen instead of being sent into the review immediately.

➡️ Improved control over the translation process 🔗

As said above, the main point we have learned from our users was that ShareTM was cluttering the review process with unwarranted versions of translations and provided a somewhat false sense of the translation progress.

Now, project owners can track the progress of translations much more clearly. Instead of seeing that 50% of strings are translated by ShareTM, we empower translators and let them decide if the translation suggested by ShareTM is spot on, subject to minor change, or completely unsuitable in the context of your project.

➡️ More options for translators 🔗

ShareTM goes hand in hand with machine translation suggestions on the translation screen, providing more options to choose from and speeding up the translator's work. With ShareTM and Additional MT Engines combined, your translators will have a powerful arsenal by their side that will help them blaze through the strings to be translated faster.

➡️ Cleaner Review UI 🔗

No unexpected translations will find their way into the review now. ShareTM won't be cluttering your review screen with uninvited versions of translations. Reviewers will be able to do their work more efficiently as a result as well. Don't worry, though - they can still see suggestions by both machine translation engines and ShareTM in the bottom half of the review screen just as translators.

➡️ A seamless self-translating experience   🔗

If you like to do things on your own as a project owner, the translations you make bypass the review process altogether. So now, instead of reviewing the pre-filled translations and then translating the rest of the strings that don't have a suitable ShareTM match, you can translate everything in one go and have the language finished without having to jump from translation to review.

Previously, users were used to seeing the percentage of ShareTM translations available for each language. This number won't be visible anymore, but don't worry, ShareTM will help you translate your project anyway! Just click on the right button and start translating as usual. 😉

✔️ Conclusion 🔗

We hope you'll like this slight change. 💬 Let us know what you think in the comments below, join the community on our Discord, or contact us at [email protected]