Translate your app

Single app developers and small teams use Localazy to translate their Android apps.

translate your app

Easy to set-up, easy to use.

1. Integrate

Simple integration with Gradle plugin for Android Studio.

  • 1-minute set-up
  • No changes in your app code
  • Live translations in your app

2. Translate

Clean and smart user interface for your contributors.

  • Simple UI with expandable details
  • Special interface for plurals and arrays
  • Support of placeholders & glossary
  • Automatic translations

3. Review

Have complete control with our unique review system.

  • Approval of translated phrases
  • Support of multiple phrase versions
  • Contributors management

Always live!

Add a language in Localazy and make it available immediately. Approved translations are delivered over-the-air.

  • Up-to-date translations in your app
  • No hassle with file export/import handling

Shared translation

We are a community. Localazy will save your costs thanks to shared translations.

  • Automatic phrase translations
  • New languages suggestions
  • Continuous translation improvement across apps

Fair pricing 💳

Localazy understands your project structure and the pricing policy is carefully tailored for your app. Test your app with our price calculator.

Support for flavors 🍦

Localazy honors flavors and build types of your app to provide you all translations correctly. Focus on your app development and Localazy will handle the rest.

Array-lists & plurals 🔢

No compromises. Localazy supports all types of Android's resources, so you don't need to take care of it.

Improved plurals 👏

Android naturally doesn't care about correct plurals. They can be quite tricky to handle on your own. No problem with Localazy!

App versions 🔀

Stay in control when it comes to version management. We protect your correct translations and let you roll-back easily.

Optimization 📈

Localazy discretely collects stats from users to prioritize translation based on importance.

Secure 🔒

Security and safety is crucial. To ensure requirements are met, we do follow best practices in data protection.

Reliable 👌

Localazy empowers our apps so you can stay assured it's always in top condition.

Proven ✅

There is no place for beta versions. 30+ years of combined experience make sure risk is mitigated.

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translate your app