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There are over 4 billion people online behind language barriers. Don’t you feel limited? Speak everyone's language.

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Use shared translations and get your app localized to 80+ languages for free.

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Full and simple control over localization. Localazy is built by developers for developers – so you can focus on code.

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Setup Localazy within minutes and forget all the i18n hassle. Get correct locales, translations and quality assurance automatically.

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Localazy instantly translates your app to new languages. Test the results you would get with Localazy ShareTM & machine translations by uploading your language file in English.

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Choose your preferred way of integration and upload strings in the blink of eye.
Obtain translations from highly accurate shared memory and sync them in minutes.
Provide your users with improved experience from day 0. No hassle, instant value.

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Get your app translated to 80+ languages with shared translations for free. Simply add new ready-made translations with a single click.

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Localazy was found by a developer who wanted to focus on development and cut on multilingual app management. Be assured, we got you covered.

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Simple implementation and you are done
Being a developer, I am amazed & happy to see such a simple, fast and efficient way to Localize your platform. No boilerplate codes, just a simple implementation and you are done.
Perfect for Android app translations
Perfect for Android app translations. Can't wait until iOS is ready as well.

Evanova Android

Trustpilot review
Excellent software
Very nice user interface, very nice people providing support. This is exactly the tool every application's owner wishing translation support needs.

Small Bro Tech

Trustpilot review
Best App Localization Software
Localazy is definitely the best localization plugin I have found for Android Studio. Simple to integrate, amazing website UI/UX and useful translation services.Absolute essential for every app developer


Trustpilot review
Very user friendly
Very user friendly, straight-forward interface and a pleasurable translation workflow.
Amazing translation platform to localize my apps!
I am super impressed by the translation platform provided by Localazy – I didn’t even know that something like this would be possible when I first started looking for localization solutions for my app; but once I’d seen it, I knew that it was something that I definitely had to have. Localazy has made it easy for my apps to add translations, helping me provide a more global audience reach. And the Localazy support team is awesome!

Floating Apps

Trustpilot review
Translating Floating Apps with Localazy
I use Localazy to translate my mobile app Floating Apps, that has more than 7 million downloads on Google Play. It works great. I have a lot of contributors and volunteers, and Localazy helps me to keep track of changes and eliminate inaccurate and harmful translations. I no longer need to wait for contributors to translate the app as updated translations can be delivered with OTA updates. Integrating Localazy with their Gradle plugin was quick and easy.

Matteo Magnone

Trustpilot review
Simply the best translation service
I met Localazy by accident, looking for a way to translate my app in a simple and cheap way. The system is well done, simple and intuitive, plus the integration is really fast! The support service is fantastic, they even modified options to perfectly integrate the system into my app! I love them!

Raghav S

on G2
"A great automated translation tool for even a non-developer"
I got to know about this product from a friend. They told me that it provides OTA translations, I was in total denial first. But when I first checked it out I was totally in awe. It removes the hassle of adding new languages via each app update. Their prices are also really low.

Ricardo Fiorani

The best tool for managing translations and crowdsourcing translations
I wanted to keep it REALLY simple when it comes to the internationalization of my application, however, handling translations on JSON files turned out to be a big pain. That's why I started searching for translation management tools. Upon analyzing many tools out there, I found Localazy the easiest, the simplest, and fastest tool. Since I want my game to be built close to what my users expect, Localazy stood out with it's "crowd-sourced" way of translation management. Today I completely recommend Localazy to all my friends and their projects.

Henrik B.

“Best in class”
It was extremely easy to setup and implement localazy in our development process. We use it with a vue js application and adding languages couldn't be easier.

Jose B.

“Best of translation for apps”
Used on telegram-bot app

Teo Coding

on Crozdesk
"Great translations tool"
It allowed me to translate my app into many languages, by sharing the translations I saved and at the same time my audience grew a lot. Simple and quick to integrate

Unbeatable review

State-of-art review workflow allows you to quickly approve new translations. Our Quality Assurance system is made to work for you and around you to deliver best possible translations, so you can focus on development.

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It is easy to start with Localazy.

I learned that translating an app into as many languages as possible is one of the most important things. I came across Localazy looking for an economic and developer-friendly solution that could help me grow the app.

With the shared translations, the number of translated strings in my app increases day by day. All this for free without spending hundreds of euros for professional translators.

Teo Coding
author of Birthday reminder

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