How it works #️⃣

Localazy evaluates various aspects of your projects and organization every 24 hours to see whether some could be improved or upgraded. We aim to guide you on how to get the most out of Localazy to provide your contributors with the best environment for translations and reviews possible, make sure your account balance is used efficiently and inform you about potential issues that could disrupt the services we provide.

While some are not crucial to follow, we believe that many of the optimizations are vital to assure that the translations you download from our platform are of the best quality possible.

Optimization dashboard #️⃣

If you are at least a manager in the organization, you’ll find the optimization dashboard icon on the main menu in the form of a lightbulb surrounded by a colorful circular progress bar indicating your optimization progress.

Once you navigate to the dashboard, you’ll find the overview of available optimizations and the optimization progress of your organization. Each optimization has a different value and, thus, a different effect on your total optimization score.

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Optimization types #️⃣

The optimizations may be associated with

  • your organization
  • your projects
  • requested features from your contributors

Organization type #️⃣

The organization-related optimizations are directly connected to the organization where you’re reviewing the optimization dashboard. In many ways, these optimization recommendations are the most vital ones and may indicate that the organization faces an issue that prevents your members and contributors from using Localazy in full.

For instance, two of the most crucial optimization suggestions are warning that the source key limit has been exceeded and that online services are turned off due to depleted balance. You should resolve such issues as quickly as possible.

Project type #️⃣

The project-related optimizations are generally less crucial to follow. However, fulfilling them usually leads to a better user experience for your contributors, which, transitively, leads to better quality translations. For instance, common suggestions are to fill in glossary to explain field-specific terms or abbreviations or to upload screenshots when you have this feature activated.

Requested features from contributors #️⃣

Many of the paid features can supercharge the work of your contributors. Hence, when they are missing, it’s understandable that the contributors would like you to activate them so that they can do their work in the most efficient way possible. One widespread request we see is to activate the multiple MT feature, which is available in the Autopilot plan.

Dismissing optimizations #️⃣

You may find that some optimizations are just not required in your case. For instance, you may not want to add a language we suggest to your project. To dismiss such suggestions and not let them worsen your optimization progress, click on the hide optimization icon.

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If you ever change your mind and would like to see dismissed suggestions in the dashboard, simply filter for the dismissed optimizations and restore them.

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Why do I still see the optimization after fulfilling it? #️⃣

Scanning and evaluating all the projects and organizations in Localazy is a demanding process. Therefore, we only carry out this operation once every 24 hours. So don’t worry. When you fulfill some of our suggestions, we will take them into account, and the changes should be reflected in the dashboard within one day. At the same time, some new tips may appear, so be sure to check the dashboard regularly!