Format Conversions are available in the Professional plan and higher.

How to use Format Conversions? #️⃣

Conversions in the UI #️⃣

When activated, converting a file into a different file format is pretty straightforward task in Localazy UI.

  1. Navigate to the File management page and click on the Export and download button Article Image.

  2. In the modal, select one of the Export formats and click on Export & download to download the file.

Article Image

Please note that not all format conversion are always possible and the available options will depend on the original file format of your content.

Localazy CLI #️⃣

If you are a developer, you can also use the conversion option in the Localazy CLI configuration to convert your localizable files into different formats. Make it a part of your workflow and automate file format conversions to seamlessly output your translations in many different formats. When configured, running a localazy download command will automatically generate the converted files.

See the list of available options