What’s included in the Free plan? #️⃣

200 source keys limit #️⃣

Source key is basically a single string of text in your source language stored in Localazy. E.g, a button label or a short paragraph of text in a dialogue window of your app.

The free source key limit is usually enough for small projects.

All of your projects share the limit which applies to your account.

Unlimited words, languages, and translations #️⃣

We don’t limit the number of words, languages, and translations you add to your project. Translating your app to more languages does not affect the number of source keys used. Never stop growing!

Unlimited projects #️⃣

We also don’t limit the number of projects that you integrate with your account. Feel free to add as many as you need 😃

Most integrations and all supported file formats are also available for everyone on the Free plan. Automate your workflow with our CLI tool, Android SDK, or Localazy Swift SDK, or manage your files directly in the Localazy environment.

Unlimited contributors #️⃣

Forget about team size restrictions and pricing per seat. Localazy doesn’t limit the number of contributors you can call to help you with translations, reviews, or development. Grow an army of volunteers or invite your whole company; we are ready to handle it!

Read more about user roles & permissions that you can set.

Pro-active review #️⃣

Our review process is a proactive tool that helps you verify translations and track all changes that happened in Localazy while you spent your precious time developing your app and making it better.

No matter if you visit Localazy every day or once per 2 months, you never get lost! You always know precisely about everything related to your project translation.

Read more about the review process.

Translation Glossary #️⃣

The Localazy Glossary is an essential tool for ensuring high-quality translations and providing context for translators. Add as many terms as you want and help your contributors produce accurate translations.

For example, the brand name is not translated in many cases, and you might want to protect it against unwanted translation, add it to the Glossary and sleep peacefully.

Learn how to use the Glossary.

Intelligent translation memory (InTM) #️⃣

Translation Memory is a database of translated terms. It helps to cut translation costs and improve translation productivity. When a string has already been translated in your app, Localazy can automatically find all the same untranslated strings and translate them for you.

Localazy InTM is an intelligent and proactive translation memory that scans your app and looks for the same expressions in the source language with missing translations in other languages. If there is a missing translation that could be completed from another source, it’s offered through our unique review.

Learn more about Localazy InTM

Community translations (ShareTM) #️⃣

ShareTM is what makes Localazy unique and different from other translation platforms. Upload your app to Localazy and instantly share your translations with other apps on the platform, and as a reward, get your app translated to more languages for free.

Learn more about Localazy ShareTM

Machine translations #️⃣

Localazy provides you and your contributors with suggestions from the Amazon Translate machine translation engine. Every text you add is translated to your target language by this MT engine and available in translation suggestions to boost your translation speed. You don’t have to switch windows or copy-paste chunks of texts repetitively to check your translations.

Would you prefer to see suggestions from DeepL or Google Translate engines? Activate the Professional plan to enable suggestions from Additional MT engines, and even pre-translate all of your source keys with an engine of your choice.

Additional services available #️⃣

You don’t have to be on a paid plan to order our additional services and can individually purchase credits for the Continuous Localization Services or set up Translation Delivery.

Continuous Localization Team #️⃣

Focus on what’s important and use Virtual Translator to automatically translate and review your texts to selected languages. Choose between human-assisted machine translation or professional translations, and we will handle everything from there!

Learn more about Ordering translation services

Translation Delivery #️⃣

Our CDN allows you to use translated files directly. Our CDN runs on reliable and fast Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and you can rely on it with your production website/app.

Learn more about Localazy CDN

Integrate Localazy OTA updates for Android and iOS without a single change of your source code. Learn more about why it’s the only solution that can localize your app fully and completely on the fly.

Learn more about Localazy OTA

CDN and OTA are both parts of our Online Services and their pricing is usage-based (credit card required).

Upgrade your Free plan #️⃣

Step up your localization with more automation options and advanced features.

Learn more about our paid tiers #️⃣