All the texts uploaded to Localazy are also immediately ready to be transferred into your mobile/web projects or other types of client UIs for a streamlined multilingual development experience.

You can start using Localazy Figma Plugin by activating the Autopilot Tier or higher.

Download Localazy plugin for Figma

Why Figma and Localazy? #️⃣

Figma has become a popular tool for creating design systems and prototyping web and mobile apps. Prototyping and creating animations is easy to do and becomes helpful to demo features before having to code them or printing the design for further use.

At Localazy, we realize the importance of designing and prototyping. And there are a couple more things that will help you work faster and more efficiently, thanks to the Localazy Figma Plugin.

You can look at designing with Localazy Figma Plugin from three different points of view. There are also common issues you need to consider while creating localizable designs.

Common i18n issues with designs #️⃣

Here’s a list of problems that might surprise you unprepared during the design process.

  • Bidirectionality (LTR/RTL) of languages
  • Distribution of word lengths in various languages
  • Copying strings from design to code (time-consuming duplications)
  • Continuous design localization problem & keeping track of updates
  • and more…

Figma Plugin by Localazy helps to resolve these problems with ease.