Screenshots for Figma are available in the Autopilot plan

Enabling screenshots upload #️⃣

You can enable screenshot upload in Screenshots settings.

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Screenshot upload strategy #️⃣

When screenshots upload is enabled, everything is processed automatically. Just by selecting and uploading TextNodes as usual, the plugin will automatically create a screenshot of the selected TextNode and upload it to Localazy. All text nodes contained in the screenshot are automatically linked with the respective source keys in Localazy.

A screenshot of each TextNode contains the visual content of the furthermost parent FrameNode of the TextNode.

As the design changes, screenshots will update with each upload of the associated content. Read more about Localazy screenshots in web UI.

The process of uploading screenshots can be seen below.

Uploading Screenshots

Other strategies #️⃣

Visual content of TextNode screenshot can currenly be:

  • furthermost parent FrameNode of the TextNode

Requests other strategies on support chat or via [email protected].