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Designer tools
Desktop & Games
Embedded platforms
File formats
Machine Translation
Marketing tools
Mobile apps
Multilingual SEO
Programming Languages
Web apps
Web apps
File formats
Chrome i18n Localize Chrome Extensions
Implement internationalization across your whole app or extension with chrome-i18n and translate your project with Localazy.
CSV Comma-Separated Languages
With Localazy, you can parse CSV files and translate them seamlessly into any language.
Humans translate HJSON files with Localazy.
INI Localization Initialization
Translate and manage INI files contained in your project with Localazy.
Java Properties Proper(ty) localization
More languages for Java Properties? Possible with Localazy.
JSON {Objectively the best}
Translate any JSON files with Localazy, with the best in class plural and array support.
JSON5 JSON for humans
Seamless integration of JSON5 with Localazy allows you to easily translate and manage languages in your project.
Markdown Translate MD files
Localization of content written in the Markdown syntax is easy with Localazy.
Mozilla i18n Translate Mozilla Extensions
Use mozilla-i18n and Localazy to support multiple languages with your extension.
Multilingual JSON Single-file localization
Translate JSON files automatically with Localazy. Keep your languages in a single file.
NEON Nette Object Notation
Enjoy a bright NEON file localization. Localize your Nette project's NEON files with Localazy.
Plain text Basic text localization
Translate any TXT files with Localazy with less effort.
PO Seamless integration
Upload, edit and translate PO files with Localazy.
POT Stir the localization pot
Flavor your project with more languages. Upload POT files with your strings to Localazy and enjoy continuous localization of your project.
RequireJS Localization required?
RequireJS will improve the speed and quality of your code. Localazy will improve your multilingual support.
RESX .NET localization
Translate .NET projects using RESX files and Localazy.
SRT Subtitles Video subtitles
Reach a wider audience - translate subtitles in SRT format for your video content seamlessly with Localazy!
TOML Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language
Our TOML parser is a flexible and configurable solution and you can fine-tune it for your specific needs.
TSV Tab-Separated Translations
Parse TSV files and translate them easily with Localazy.
XLIFF Meant for localization
XLIFF stands for XML Localization Interchange File Format - and Localazy is the best way to manage XLIFF files.
Manage your XLIFF 1.2 files with Localazy.
XLIFF 2.0 Evolution of localization
It's two times better for you to translate & manage your XLIFF 2.0 files with Localazy.
YAML Data oriented localization
YAML Ain't Markup Language, but it is possible to translate it to more languages using Localazy.
Enjoy localization on autopilot!

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