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Localization of the PrestaShop platform for e-commerce can be done efficiently with Localazy. Let us take care of your global online presence in a multilingual fashion.
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Improved plural support
Do not worry about setting plurals correctly. Localazy supports all plural types from the latest version of the CLDR definition file.
Placeholder detection
Translators will not break your project. Localazy prevents errors by highlighting common and custom placeholder formats.
Advanced dev tools
Utilize the powerful CLI tool, variety of CI/CD options, SDKs, libraries, and more for a great developer experience!
Advanced file conversion options
Make localizable file format conversions a part of your automated workflows with Localazy. Convert your files into 25+ other formats.
Platform-agnostic solution
Localazy respects your codebase structure. No changes to your code are needed to utilize Localazy to its full potential.

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Use Localazy, a software localization suite & translation management system, to take care of your PrestaShop localization.

Choose from multiple developer-friendly options to start with Localazy. Integrate your PrestaShop project the way that suits your workflow.

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Hand over the translation work to Localazy Continuous Localization Team to translate your project.
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PrestaShop localization

We focus on high-scale e-commerce solutions right now and thus you can provide your dev team with powerful Localazy API to tackle all your language localization needs as you want it. You can use our Shopify Integration or ask us to develop a custom integration for you.

Presence of a developer in your team is advised in order to get the most out of Localazy for your multilingual store.

Last updated: 08/08/2022

If you are e-commerce B2B service provider, we can offer you direct integrations with Localazy to provide your clientele with language localized solutions. For example, we are partnering with or Optiply to serve localized experience to e-commerce operators.

Last updated: 03/03/2022

You can forget about managing translations using spreadsheets. Simply upload your last file into Localazy and let your translators do the job while you have full control and drastically reduced management overhead. In case you need help, feel free to contact us.

Last updated: 20/07/2022

With the arrival of globalization, we should no longer offer technology products in a single language only. We can no longer consider that the English language is more than enough; we must consider the localization of applications in other languages as necessary.

The advent of localization platforms opens up an opportunity for most of the world’s users to use their favorite applications in their native languages, which gives them significant added value. We assume that many people who do not speak English can easily understand the meaning of basic words in programs and applications. However, if messages become complicated, the user could completely miss the meaning for them.

At some point, we have to take into account that we want to monetize the application in some way. In order to have more satisfied users, it is important to improve language support. So what are the advantages localization can bring you?

Attract new users #️⃣

Among the strategies to increase the number of users in applications and software, localization is one of the most important ones. Localization allows the application to be understandable and available to a more diverse audience. Generally, if the application is open to the public only in a single language, it would limit the number of users to people who understand that language. Suppose you add more regional settings and multiple languages to your software. In that case, you will expand the number of potential buyers since they can use the application in their native language.

Users will understand the functions of the application correctly #️⃣

One way to get users to understand and interact with your application’s features is to have it in their local language. This will allow them to use the software and understand its features correctly. Properly handling the buttons, menus, commands, and messages will provide a pleasant experience that will allow recognition of the product’s advantages without language barriers that prevent exploiting its potential.

Strengthen the International market reach #️⃣

New markets can be reached much more easily if the software is localized and available in different languages. If you have more localized versions, it will help you get a diversity of users in the world. And in the end, localization can be reflected in increased profits, positioning the company in more privileged places in local and global markets.

Increased Competitiveness #️⃣

Today, competition can be an important factor in differentiating your brand. Offering a localized application can be a feature that will allow you to differentiate yourself from other products on the market. Reaching markets that are not yet served by your competition can mean a significant boost in positioning that will allow entering new markets and foster the attraction and retention of clients.

Increase your brand loyalty #️⃣

One way to gain the trust of your buyers is to provide them with a satisfying experience that would ensure brand loyalty. You can earn this trust based on constant communication with the user in their native language and customizing your product. A satisfied customer will show a loyal attitude to your brand and can become a true defender of your products.

Closing thoughts #️⃣

Software localization is considered an excellent way to build an international brand, strong enough to gain the trust and loyalty of potential users. The success of localization lies in researching what language your target markets speak and trying not to send the wrong message by taking into account their regional dialects and vocabulary.

Further reading #️⃣

Last updated: 01/08/2022

The most convenient way to translate e-shop product descriptions is to use a continuous translation service that can ensure your translations are always up-to-date and in sync with your shop inventory.

While it is definitely possible to pre-translate product descriptions using Machine Translation engines, you should also consider professional translation services to ensure top-quality product description translations.

Last updated: 19/07/2022

You can easily & automatically translate the Google merchant feed into multiple languages simply using Localazy integration for Google Merchants. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to automatically translate Google Merchants Product Feed using machine translation engines or professional translation services.

Last updated: 19/07/2022

Yes, we are open to negotiate discounted pricing on source keys in case you choose Localazy for translation services. Feel free to contact us via Enteprise tier in case you would love to further negotiate a deal for stores with 1,000+ products in your inventory.

Last updated: 08/08/2022

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