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Hand over the translation work to Localazy Continuous Localization Team to translate your project.
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Localization team on autopilot Workflow Automation
Integrate with your stack 50+ integrations and growing
Empower international growth Agile Localization Platform
Setup & Forget Solution CI/CD integration + Automation options
Easy to start and use CLI on Steroids & Intuitive UI

What is your preferred platform?

Machine translation & Post-editing
Achieve faster translations and better quality with various machine translation engines including DeepL, Azure, Google and Amazon!
Multilingual marketing tools
Translate your marketing copy, app store descriptions, meta content and other texts with Localazy for maximum effectivity.
Advanced dev tools
Utilize the powerful CLI tool, variety of CI/CD options, SDKs, libraries, and more for a great developer experience!
Proactive quality assurance
Spend time with your code and forget about translations. Localazy is here to keep track so you can have a peaceful mind.
Save money with shared memory
Share your translations with other apps on the platform, and as a reward, get your app translated to more languages for free.
Enjoy localization on autopilot!

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How Product Managers rate Localazy?
Simple implementation and you are done
Being a developer, I am amazed & happy to see such a simple, fast and efficient way to Localize your platform. No boilerplate codes, just a simple implementation and you are done.
Perfect for Android app translations
Perfect for Android app translations. Can't wait until iOS is ready as well.
Evanova Android

Evanova Android

Trustpilot review
Excellent software
Very nice user interface, very nice people providing support. This is exactly the tool every application's owner wishing translation support needs.
Small Bro Tech

Small Bro Tech

Trustpilot review
Best App Localization Software
Localazy is definitely the best localization plugin I have found for Android Studio. Simple to integrate, amazing website UI/UX and useful translation services.Absolute essential for every app developer


Trustpilot review
Very user friendly
Very user friendly, straight-forward interface and a pleasurable translation workflow.
Amazing translation platform to localize my apps!
I am super impressed by the translation platform provided by Localazy – I didn’t even know that something like this would be possible when I first started looking for localization solutions for my app; but once I’d seen it, I knew that it was something that I definitely had to have. Localazy has made it easy for my apps to add translations, helping me provide a more global audience reach. And the Localazy support team is awesome!
Floating Apps

Floating Apps

Trustpilot review
Translating Floating Apps with Localazy
I use Localazy to translate my mobile app Floating Apps, that has more than 7 million downloads on Google Play. It works great. I have a lot of contributors and volunteers, and Localazy helps me to keep track of changes and eliminate inaccurate and harmful translations. I no longer need to wait for contributors to translate the app as updated translations can be delivered with OTA updates. Integrating Localazy with their Gradle plugin was quick and easy.
Matteo Magnone

Matteo Magnone

Trustpilot review
Simply the best translation service
I met Localazy by accident, looking for a way to translate my app in a simple and cheap way. The system is well done, simple and intuitive, plus the integration is really fast! The support service is fantastic, they even modified options to perfectly integrate the system into my app! I love them!
Raghav S

Raghav S

on G2
"A great automated translation tool for even a non-developer"
I got to know about this product from a friend. They told me that it provides OTA translations, I was in total denial first. But when I first checked it out I was totally in awe. It removes the hassle of adding new languages via each app update. Their prices are also really low.
Ricardo Fiorani

Ricardo Fiorani

The best tool for managing translations and crowdsourcing translations
I wanted to keep it REALLY simple when it comes to the internationalization of my application, however, handling translations on JSON files turned out to be a big pain. That's why I started searching for translation management tools. Upon analyzing many tools out there, I found Localazy the easiest, the simplest, and fastest tool. Since I want my game to be built close to what my users expect, Localazy stood out with it's "crowd-sourced" way of translation management. Today I completely recommend Localazy to all my friends and their projects.
Henrik B.

Henrik B.

“Best in class”
It was extremely easy to setup and implement localazy in our development process. We use it with a vue js application and adding languages couldn't be easier.
Jose B.

Jose B.

“Best of translation for apps”
Used on telegram-bot app
Teo Coding

Teo Coding

on Crozdesk
"Great translations tool"
It allowed me to translate my app into many languages, by sharing the translations I saved and at the same time my audience grew a lot. Simple and quick to integrate
Martin V.

Martin V.

Great for all who needs to have application in multiple languages
Very easy implementation, easy to use & great translation helpers. Very flexible development team & Fast support.
Avishay T.

Avishay T.

Nice, fast, efficient
I used it for translating other app from English to Hebrew. It has Amazon built-in translation. Liked it.
Daniel M.

Daniel M.

Don't waste your time, get Localazy. 😃
Pretty useful and easy to use, love the features and also the prices. When I came the first time to it, implementation was easy and took just 20 minutes for it.
David M.

David M.

Saves you the time and headache of having to set up the translation files
It simplifies the handover process for the clients.
Onofre G

Onofre G

Everything great so far
It has been a great experience using localazy so far. super proactive support team.
Lukas T.

Lukas T.

It is the best solution we could ask for
Localazy helps us with translations, localization and even makes our process so much easier.
Vlatka T

Vlatka T

Great, pleasant and fast experience
Realy fast and easy to understand. I managed to know how to use it in just few minutes. It enabled me to create a multilingual web application with no translation overhead.
Zhicong L.

Zhicong L.

Best value for a localization tool for small teams!
Localazy has a user-friendly interface that they are constantly improving. Their chat support on every page is continuously monitored, and the team replies exceptionally quickly.
Sahil T.

Sahil T.

Automated Translation Tool For Non-Developers
The best thing about Localazy is that it provides OTA translations, it removes all the hassle of adding a new language with each update.
Jan Koštejn

Jan Koštejn

On G2
Great UX for a boring translation process.
What do you like best about Localazy? I like that we can send localazy projects to non-technical people and let them translate our application without deep knowledge of the technology. The editor is very user-friendly and I have the option to approve the translations. It helps us to keep track of what's translated and what's not.
Agustin Cavilliotti, CTO, Donar Online

Agustin Cavilliotti, CTO, Donar Online

Thanks to Localazy we're able to quickly and in an ordered way launch the platform on a new country.
The setup was very easy, and then the ability to add team members to help us out with the translations. Also, it's very intuitive and easy to see what's left to be translated and what's done.
Mladen A.

Mladen A.

Read on G2
Couldn't have asked for more
The product itself is great, and the team behind it is just fantastic. Always fast to respond to any questions competently and politely. I haven't experienced such a level of support with any other tool or platform.
Heysem Katibi, PM @ SwazerLab

Heysem Katibi, PM @ SwazerLab

Read on G2
Flawless product with amazing features
ShareTM is a brilliant feature. It makes translating single words so much easier, especially since Google Translate and other machine translation services struggle a lot to translate single words without context.
Alexander M.

Alexander M.

View on G2
Intuitive tool for managing translations
- Integrations and Guides to a variety of frameworks and systems - Intuitive and simple UI to manage translations - Quick & personal support experience - Pricing and Pricing Model
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More about Localazy for Product Managers

It is incredibly easy to use Localazy if you follow common practices when it comes to string management. However, feel free to leave us a message anytime, our team is available online to help you proceed. Or just send an invite to your favourite developer 😃

Last updated: 20/07/2022

With the arrival of globalization, we should no longer offer technology products in a single language only. We can no longer consider that the English language is more than enough; we must consider the localization of applications in other languages as necessary.

The advent of localization platforms opens up an opportunity for most of the world’s users to use their favorite applications in their native languages, which gives them significant added value. We assume that many people who do not speak English can easily understand the meaning of basic words in programs and applications. However, if messages become complicated, the user could completely miss the meaning for them.

At some point, we have to take into account that we want to monetize the application in some way. In order to have more satisfied users, it is important to improve language support. So what are the advantages localization can bring you?

Attract new users #️⃣

Among the strategies to increase the number of users in applications and software, localization is one of the most important ones. Localization allows the application to be understandable and available to a more diverse audience. Generally, if the application is open to the public only in a single language, it would limit the number of users to people who understand that language. Suppose you add more regional settings and multiple languages to your software. In that case, you will expand the number of potential buyers since they can use the application in their native language.

Users will understand the functions of the application correctly #️⃣

One way to get users to understand and interact with your application’s features is to have it in their local language. This will allow them to use the software and understand its features correctly. Properly handling the buttons, menus, commands, and messages will provide a pleasant experience that will allow recognition of the product’s advantages without language barriers that prevent exploiting its potential.

Strengthen the International market reach #️⃣

New markets can be reached much more easily if the software is localized and available in different languages. If you have more localized versions, it will help you get a diversity of users in the world. And in the end, localization can be reflected in increased profits, positioning the company in more privileged places in local and global markets.

Increased Competitiveness #️⃣

Today, competition can be an important factor in differentiating your brand. Offering a localized application can be a feature that will allow you to differentiate yourself from other products on the market. Reaching markets that are not yet served by your competition can mean a significant boost in positioning that will allow entering new markets and foster the attraction and retention of clients.

Increase your brand loyalty #️⃣

One way to gain the trust of your buyers is to provide them with a satisfying experience that would ensure brand loyalty. You can earn this trust based on constant communication with the user in their native language and customizing your product. A satisfied customer will show a loyal attitude to your brand and can become a true defender of your products.

Closing thoughts #️⃣

Software localization is considered an excellent way to build an international brand, strong enough to gain the trust and loyalty of potential users. The success of localization lies in researching what language your target markets speak and trying not to send the wrong message by taking into account their regional dialects and vocabulary.

Further reading #️⃣

Last updated: 01/08/2022

A localization strategy is a plan for making your content available in multiple languages. This may involve creating separate versions of your website for each language or using translation and localization services such as Localazy to make your content available in multiple languages.

How to create a localization strategy? #️⃣

To create a localization strategy, you must consider the following points.

What resources do you have available #️⃣

Consider the budget, time constraints, and workforce available to execute the plan. Setting unrealistic goals will make your plan useless when you don’t have the resources needed to achieve them.

Which markets do you want to expand to #️⃣

Consider your location, logistic & service capabilities, and examine data from your analytic tools. Determine the languages you will want to translate based on the countries/markets you will be able to enter relatively easily. Consider cost/benefit ratio of the target market size against the resources needed to serve the market.

Audit your content #️⃣

Create a prioritized list of all your content and assets and decide what is absolutely necessary and what has low priority. Typically, landing pages for certain products will work better when localized, but some technical articles in the documentation could stay in English.

This also applies to the quality of the translation - high-impact translations such as landing pages and headlines should probably be handled by professional translators or even copywriters in the target language. However, some descriptions or rarely visited pieces of content could be translated with the help of batch machine translations.

What technology are you using #️⃣

Translating relatively static print documents is not the same as software localization of a product that evolves every two weeks. Consult with your tech team to determine the technical requirements necessary for efficient localization. Localazy offers over 50 integration options to help you translate all of your texts on various platforms.

Select your translation provider #️⃣

Research the market of language services providers and select your vendors. Some localization platforms, such as Localazy, combine various translation approaches and enable you to utilize machine translations and automation options. You can invite your own translators or order translations directly from the marketplace.

Create the plan #️⃣

Once you know everything that needs to be addressed, put everything in a timeframe and appoint roles and responsibilities. In the case of agile development, define at what point in the sprint translations happen and who is responsible for it. In the case of a one-time translation project, the plan should include a set of deadlines to execute everything.

Last updated: 01/08/2022

The difference between agile and continuous localization is that agile localization is a process that relies on a team of localization experts to work together to get a product or website iteration localized quickly and efficiently.

Continuous localization, on the other hand, is a process that relies on automation and technology to keep a product or website continuously localized.

Localazy can help you with both approaches to the localization of your project. Localazy automates the workflows for agile teams while keeping control in their hands. On the other hand, you can use Localazy as a set-it & forget-it solution with our Continuous Localization Services.

Last updated: 01/08/2022

Localazy will streamline your localization process, serve as a source of truth for your translations, and facilitate collaboration with your team and translators.

The main benefits of Localazy for product managers include:

  • Less back and forth between team member tasks
  • Simply defined process, clear visibility of the progress, and the definition of done
  • Automated distribution and change management
  • Less time spent on managing translators

Localazy offers over 50 integration options, including native plugins for Figma, Strapi & Zapier. You can also integrate your product with Localazy via API, CLI, and mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

You can use Localazy to offload the translation work from your team completely. Thanks to the built-in Continuous Localization services, you can get your project translated by professionals and don’t have to worry about any task handling.

Learn how proactive professional translation services by Localazy work.

Last updated: 15/09/2022

Consider your location, logistic & service capabilities, and examine data from your analytic tools to see from where most of your visitors come. Determine the languages you want to translate based on the countries/markets you can enter relatively quickly. Consider the cost/benefit ratio of the target market size against the resources needed to serve the market.

Suppose you focus on a specific geographic area. In that case, you may want to first localize your product into languages spoken in that region, starting with the official languages and those which are vastly adopted or mandatory. Later, you can focus on adding the languages of the foreign citizens and minorities who are likely to spend some time in the region.

You can find which languages are spoken in particular regions in the Localazy Hub.

Last updated: 15/09/2022

While many digital product makers choose machine translations for the very start (and it’s a standard best practice for early stages of development where MT-pre translate is a rational decision), they often forget that machine translation alone yields subpar results.

It’s vital to focus on the highest possible quality of translation when it comes to product interfaces and product marketing. But enlisting professional translators is not a silver bullet solution. You need to be diligent and prepare a sound basis for successful localization.

These are best practices to ensure the best translation quality:

Last updated: 26/05/2023