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Meet Localazy

Meet Localazy

Localazy is more than just software. Localazy is your translation as a service fully integrated into your continuous delivery, whether you build multilingual apps or you are an international content publisher. i18n devtool, TMS, contractors, all in one place.

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Translation as a Service

Yes, our free plan includes all core localization features and everything you need to successfully and conveniently localize your app on your own or with help from volunteers.

Last updated: 03/06/2021

Have you ever needed to order translations multiple times? Then you already know that there is quite a managerial overhead in handling the translation contract and translation delivery on its own.

Not your problem anymore, with continuous translations by our Continuous Localization Team (CLT).

Human-Assisted Machine Translations is one of the continuous translation services provided by CLT and can help you get more languages faster with zero hassle. Select this service to quickly test new markets or languages and get the best machine translation result for every string verified by a human. On top of that, the human preserves context, punctuation, and placeholders.

Translations made by the Human-Assisted Machine Translation are automatically approved and ready to be used in your project. With enough credits, you can get your project translated completely. We advise you to follow up with thorough localization testing to correct possible mistakes.

Set up the Human-Assisted Machine Translation now, top up your translation credits and forget it. Our systems will work towards improving the multilingual support of your project while you sleep or focus on more important things.

Last updated: 22/09/2022

Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) is the process of reviewing and editing the content translated by the machine translation engines giving it a final, more accurate result.

MTPE can include checking that all placeholders are correct and that the project-specific content is translated correctly and consistently.

Last updated: 01/11/2021

When you start with Localazy, you can work with Amazon Translate right off, as this engine is available in the Free tier by default.

If you want to use multiple machine translation engines, you can get the Additional MT Engines feature with the Autopilot plan and higher tiers.

Enable Additional MT Engines to get suggestions from:

  • Amazon Translate (default)
  • Google Translate
  • DeepL
  • Azure Translator

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Intro to Localazy from translator’s perspective

Last updated: 22/09/2022

Localization automation is, at its core, the process of making the localization process faster and more agile by automating specific tasks (i.e., string management and translation, format conversions, delivery of localized files etc.) that otherwise would consume a lot of time to complete.

Localazy is here to help product teams and single developers automate the localization of their projects.

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Last updated: 22/09/2022
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If I have to recommend a tool to handle the translation, I will talk about Localazy for sure.

As the scaleway dashboard engineering manager, we use Localazy to set up a friendly environment for us and our translation team.

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Alexandre Philibeaux Engineering Manager
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Well designed tool with many features

We are operating multiple complex websites with many localisations. Managing and keeping all dictionaries up-to-date was pure hell before we switched to Localazy. We are now easily able to review, manage and keep all dictionaries up-to-date whenever we add or modify any functionality.

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Filip Kotora CTO RAILVIS
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Very powerful translation system with affordable cost

We looked for a solution that can cover several use cases across our project and Localazy is a clear winner. Thanks to CLI tools, git and branching, and features we could integrate Localazy with GitHub Actions for automated documentation translation delivery.

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Yuriy Andamasov CEO VyOS Inc
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Developer- and translator-friendly service. Great user experience!

Localazy has been a game-changer for our localisation efforts. I have tried various localisation tools in the past, but Localazy stands out as the best one. It not only takes away all the headaches related to creating and maintaining up-to-date localisation resources and allows you to easily create a community that helps with the translation. The service offers a rich set of automation options, starting with technical ones such as a CLI that can be used in a CI pipeline or OTA/CDN updates/delivery and ending with various machine pre-translations or human-assisted continuous translation. And all that is on top of a responsive and attentive team behind the project.

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Valeriy Kovalenko Localazy user
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"We enjoy combining our in-house people, automated professional translations, and crowdsourcing the translations from the community in one project without too much management needed to make everything work."

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Lukáš Tóth Product Manager at Rouvy
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Customers 1st - Testimonial

"I'd recommend Localazy to other peers in my industry. It offers good pricing, has a good UI and ultimately does its job. Being able to find missing translations and easily use machine translations is very smart."

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Lasse Melbye CTO & Co-Founder at Customers 1st
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