Did you know that the most innovative companies nowadays are software companies? The fact that nothing is hard-wired into the brick-and-mortar world allows them to iterate faster and grow more than ever.

Take a look at Amazon. Even major retailers and other business verticals no longer feel safe because of the mindset of the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. Amazon is monetizing its software by sending millions of smiling brown boxes with anything you can imagine all over the world. And, when you buy a new mattress, there are lines and lines of code in the background of it all, facilitating door-to-door delivery.

Now, we produce and deliver languages as products that you can use to speak with your app users in their native language. Moreover, we deliver those products with the service. It is up to you whether you choose a one-time language file download or you prefer to have your language up-to-date all the time using Localazy features for continuous localization. Localazy runs on a cloud, powered by Amazon AWS, thanks to the AWS Activate Startup Program. That way, we can provide top-notch localization service across the globe and without the need to invest tremendous amounts of time, money, and hardware into building the cloud on our own. We do the same for you when it comes to reaching foreign markets via software localization. Maybe we are not shipping you a new mattress, but you will most probably sleep better thanks to Localazy.

Localazy Monday

We live in an era of increasing automation. And, especially now, when it is getting even more convenient to set automation up, there is no longer a reason to spend your time and attention handling your localizable files manually! There are multiple reasons and benefits to automating your software localization. Many of our users reportedly used their subpar workflows and tools before deciding to make things easier for them. Let’s take a look at how a simple tool for continuous localization can make your Monday better!

Developer: unchained 🔗

With the increasing sophistication of work, the importance of software developers is rising significantly. The average rates charged by people who can solve problems using their unique set of skills and mindset are skyrocketing. You can read more about this phenomenon in the book Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age by Marty Neumeier.

You may want to ask your developer if there is something you could do better. When it comes to software localization and proper i18n support using available libraries and integrations, you can obtain dozens of ideas from your dev team. Here are a few examples:

  • Single collaborative space for developers, copywriters, translators, localization managers, and product owners makes everything easier
  • Orderly file management and track of changes is of vital importance
  • It takes time to keep all the locales up-to-date on our own
  • Multiplatform localization CLI tool comes in handy
  • A localization expert is a colleague I would appreciate
  • No, the diff is not enough to manage localizable phrases

If you had to decide, would you choose to: move files back and forth, check them for errors from contributors, rebuild your app and do so many more activities involved in providing new translations, or simply executing all of these things with a single command? Automation as a time-saving tool is a no-brainer, and Localazy can help you here. When you want to get more languages for your app, you no longer have to coordinate with dozens of suppliers daily.

The more you can help your developer, the better the overall performance of your business. Give your developer a localization team within the command-line tool, and you will see him work wonders.

Automated translation delivery is a Mus(k)t 🔗

The unique approach of Elon Musk allows Tesla vehicles to get fixes and improvements without any recalls by upgrading just over the air (OTA) - saving his company and customers hundreds of millions of dollars. You can deliver new translations to your software users using OTA updates or CDN delivery with Localazy too. Once new phrases have gone through the review, you can improve the user experience within a single command using Localazy CLI or our automation steps such as Github Actions, Bitrise Verified Steps, or our Android localization library.

Reduce error-prone human operations 🔗

People are not flawless. The bottom line is to get rid of manual work where software can do it for you. Localazy is like your own team of linguists, engineers, and translators who work as your in-house localization team. And this Babylon fish of software localization even has social skills - the CLI to talk concisely with developers and a good-looking, clean GUI to please the non-tech folks. Add to that the proactive technical validations, human-assisted machine translation (HAMT), machine translation post-editing (MTPE), and other solutions now available for you allowing you to enjoy hassle-free localization free of unwanted and unexpected pain on the way to multilingual app.


Continuous localization is no longer a daydream, thanks to automation 🔗

  • Review new translations automatically using the Virtual Reviewer.
  • Set up triggers and allow machines to do the work for you
  • Thanks to the network effect of ShareTM, you receive new suggestions and improvements.
  • Execute software localization as a service automatically
  • Use your favorite tools to integrate localization into your workflow

Gone are the days when you had to send localizable files back and forth between collaborators and manually handle those absurdly complicated sheets.

Are you ready to get off the Ferris wheel of manual localization?

Learn more about the Continuous Localization services we offer.