How does it work? #️⃣

Upload your strings to Localazy, configure what languages you want to translate, and then just sit back and wait until the work is done. After you order the translation services of your choice, our localization manager will contact you to confirm your order. When everything is translated, by leaving the services enabled, Localazy will regularly scan for any new texts or changes and automatically translate them into the selected languages.

It’s a straightforward and zero-hassle way to introduce continuous localization to your project without any overhead.

Our Continuous Localization Team offers the following types of continuous localization services you can choose from:

Professional Translations #️⃣

Professional human translators translate your project. To ensure the best possible quality, we highly recommend the preparation of a project glossary, adding translation notes and context screenshots, and the composition of a style guide. Proofreading is recommended to ensure that the translation is perfect.

Translations are automatically approved and ready to be used in your project if proofreading is not enabled.

Professional Proofreading #️⃣

Another human translator will examine already translated texts to correct spelling and interpunction, ensure the consistent use of translated terms, and comply with the style guide.

Translations should be completely free of mistakes. Please remember that the last quality checks should always be made by people involved in the project who know every nuance.

Human Translation Validation #️⃣

This is a perfect choice for public/open-source projects. Choose this service if your translations are crowdsourced from volunteers or end-users, and you want to verify the quality. A human reviewer will reject harmful or completely wrong translations, accept satisfactory translations, and correct minor mistakes.

Translations that pass the check are approved, while wrong or harmful contributions are rejected. This way, you don’t have to review translations by volunteers on your own.

Human-Assisted Machine Translations #️⃣

Select this service to quickly test new markets or languages and get the best machine translation result for every string verified by a human. On top of that, the human preserves context, punctuation, and placeholders.

Tip: Volunteers are more likely to help you correct and finish translation if there is some existing translated content already.

Translations made by the Human-Assisted Machine Translation are automatically approved and ready to be used in your project. With enough credits, you can get your project translated completely. We advise you to follow up with thorough localization testing to correct possible mistakes.

How to order translations for your project? #️⃣

Start by clicking on the Order translations tab in the left menu. There, you should see a list of your owned projects for which you can order translations and configure the CLT services.

Order Translations - Main Screen

1. Select languages #️⃣

Select a language you want to get translated. Every language has four icons next to it, indicated which of the four services are available in the requested language pair.

Localazy Order Translations - Add Languages

2. Choose services #️⃣

After adding the language, select which of the four services you’d like to enable and confirm the changes. Please note that some services can not be active simultaneously.

Localazy Order Translations - Service Configuration

3. Purchase credits to start #️⃣

Before you can place your order, you’ll need to purchase some credits. You can see an estimate on how many credits it will cost to finish each service in the details, total estimate is displayed in the top section, together with your current balance and a button to purchase credits.

After you’ve purchased thre credits and everything is configured correctly, you should see a green dot next to the app icon. The service works in the background and proactively scans your project to deliver new translations as soon as possible.

Localazy Order Translations - Sucessful Setup

Once the translation process is finished, or your credits are depleted, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Important Notes #️⃣

  • Please note that the CLT capacity may be limited, and the service does not deliver translations instantly as humans provide the services. Therefore, it takes some time before the translations and reviews are conducted, generally a couple of business days. We do our best to finalize pending translations in 1-2 business days and up to 5 business days for professional translations, based on language demand.
  • CLT services are disabled when your credit balance is insufficient.
  • Please carefully read the terms and conditions to learn what you can expect after enabling each service.
  • If you have any questions or would like to request additional language pairs, please contact us at [email protected]