Continuous Localization Team

Focus on what’s important and order translations from the Localazy Continuous Localization Team (CLT) to automatically translate and review your texts to selected languages. Choose between human-assisted machine translation, reviews or professional translations, and we will handle everything from there!

How it works? 🔗

By enabling Continuous Localization Team services for your projects, Localazy will regularly scan for new texts and automatically translate them into selected languages. It’s a cheap and straightforward way to introduce continuous localization to your apps without any overhead. You upload your strings to Localazy, configure what languages you want to translate, and then just sit back and wait until they’re done.

Continuous Localization Team offers three types of continuous translation modes you can choose from:

Virtual Translator 🔗

Selected languages are translated by a machine translation engine and then verified by a human translator to confirm that the correct context, interpunction, and placeholders are preserved. The translations might not be as accurate as those provided by professional translators, but they perform much better than pure MT.

Virtual Reviewer 🔗

Virtual Reviewer, represented by a real human, verifies the quality of existing translations by checking the consistency of context, punctuation, and placeholders. Additionally, the reviewer may correct small mistakes or typos in the translations. Translations are either accepted or rejected. A great option if you have your app pre-translated with MT engines or a public app with a number of contributors providing varying translation quality.

Professional translations 🔗

By enabling this option, you’ll get translations crafted by language professionals who Localazy carefully selected.

You’ll get rid of the excessive file handling and submitting files to translation agencies. Everything is handled automatically and integrated with Localazy.

How to configure CLT for your app? 🔗

Start by clicking on the Order translations tab in the left menu. There, you should see a list of your owned apps for which you can configure CLT. Virtual Translator Main Screen

Select languages 🔗

Select a language you want to get translated. Every language has three icons next to it, indicated which of the three services are available in the requested language pair. Virtual Translator - Add Languages

Choose services 🔗

After adding the language, select which of the three services you’d like to enable. (Professional translations cannot be enabled at the same time as VT/VR) and confirm the changes. Virtual Translator - Service Configuration

Purchase credits to start 🔗

In the next step, you’ll need to purchase some credits. By hovering over the price per word, you should see an estimate on how many credits it will cost to finish that specific language.

Virtual Translator - Cost Estimate

After you’ve purchased some credits and everything is configured correctly, you should see a green dot next to the app icon. And that’s all, the translation should start automatically.

Virtual Translator Sucessful Setup

Once the translation process is finished, or your credits are depleted, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Notes 🔗

  • Since VT translations are verified by our human translators they are not available immediately. We do our best to finalize pending translations in 1-2 business days and up to 5 business days for professional translations, based on language demand.
  • If you have any questions or to request additional language pairs, please contact us at [email protected]