How Human Translation Validation helps Localazy users?

When using Localazy, you don’t have to review all translations on your own! You can order the automated Human Translation Validation service.

Human Translation Validation is a pay-per-word Continuous Localization service by Localazy. Choose this service if your translations are crowdsourced from volunteers or end-users, and you want to verify the quality. A human Reviewer from our team will reject harmful or completely wrong translations, accept satisfactory translations, and correct minor mistakes.

Order Human Translation Validation when you don’t have the resources available to conduct reviews in-house (or yourself, if you run a one-man show).

The Reviewer performing the Human Translation Validation is represented by one or more Localazy team members who verify the quality of your translations by checking the consistency of context, punctuation, and placeholders. On top of that, the service works automatically and proactively and we review translations as they are added to your project.

Additionally, the Reviewers may also correct small mistakes or typos in the translations as they go. Translations that pass the check are approved (and corrected if needed), while wrong or harmful contributions are rejected.

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