What’s included in the Enterprise plan? 🔗

The Enterprise tier comes with an individual source key limit, all features of Localazy, and special services.

Features from the Free tier 🔗

  • Unlimited words, languages, and translations
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited contributors
  • Pro-active review
  • Translation Glossary
  • Intelligent translation memory (InTM)
  • Community translations (ShareTM)
  • Machine translations
  • API / CLI / SDK Integration

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Features from the Professional tier 🔗

  • Release Tags
  • Format Conversions
  • Connected Projects

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Features from the Autopilot tier 🔗

  • Additional MT engines and MT pre-translate
  • Figma Plugin
  • Screenshots (with OCR)
  • Strapi Plugin
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier

Read what is included in the Autopilot plan

Features from the Agency tier 🔗

  • Secret Projects
  • Teams
  • Language Permissions
  • Reporting
  • Shopify Plugin
  • Duplicity Linking
  • Translation Templates

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Custom source key limit 🔗

Source key is basically a single string of text in your source language stored in Localazy. E.g., a button label or a short paragraph of text in a dialogue window of your project.

With the Enterprise plan, your source key limit is flexible and negotiable.


Single Sign-On will help your employees to authenticate with Localazy via internal company credentials. The advantage of SSO is improved security and easier permission management.

Custom Integrations 🔗

Do you have a specific tech stack? Don’t worry; we can help you connect any project with Localazy or make specific adjustments to tailor everything to your needs.

Custom Locales 🔗

Localazy has 5 presets for custom locales + “Developer English” but if you want to add more slots or use custom names and flags for them, we can extend the list of available locales for your organization. Each locale needs to be specified before it’s added to work correctly with machine translation engines and other parts of Localazy. Contact us and we can set it up for you!

Initial Setup & Configuration 🔗

Our support team will help you set everything up and walk you through the configuration of your project.

Localization Manager 🔗

On top of our Continuous Localization Team (our continuous localization service that automatically and proactively translates your texts to desired languages), you can also get a PRINCE2 certified Localization Manager who will manage your translation project’s success.

The Localization Manager will help you with:

  • Styleguide preparation
  • Glossary management
  • Communication with translators
  • Keeping an eye on deadlines

Learn more about the Continuous Localization Team

SLA / Priority support 🔗

We will handle all Enterprise customer requests and support tickets with the highest priority. We will be happy to help you with the integrations, configuration, and setup of all services. We will proactively monitor the state of your projects, proactively notify you of any issues that might arise, and help you solve them.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you want to discuss the terms and conditions of the SLA or should you require a legally binding contract.

Online Services 🔗

Your Online services positive balance can be renewed to a negotiated amount with each payment.

Our CDN allows you to use translated files directly. Our CDN runs on reliable and fast Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and you can rely on it with your production website/app.

Learn more about Localazy CDN

Integrate Localazy OTA updates for Android and iOS without a single change of your source code. Learn more about why it’s the only solution that can localize your app fully and entirely on the fly.

Learn more about Localazy OTA

CDN and OTA are both parts of our Online Services and their pricing is usage-based.

Coming soon 🔗

Style Guides 🔗

The style guide is among the most important documents in the localization process. Localazy will have a built-in style guide template to help you provide more context information about your company, the goals of your project, and so on. There is currently no dedicated interface for your style guide, but you can attach it as a link to a PDF document in the project description where translators will find it.

You can read more about style guides in software localization on our blog.

Advanced Reports 🔗

Localazy Insights is a complete analytics tool that helps you keep track of everything that happens in Localazy. Get advanced reports on the progress of your projects — filter by language, date, user, and more.

Extended Permissions 🔗

Manage permissions in greater detail. Assign custom granular permissions to each contributor, create custom access keys for each developer, and more.

Currently available upon request, public release is planned soon.

Talk to sales now 🔗

Are you ready to start your localization journey? Contact us now or schedule a demo. We will prepare a bundle of services tailored to your needs.