What’s included in the Professional plan? #️⃣

All core localization features from the Free tier are available in the Professional tier as well.

Features from the Free tier #️⃣

  • Unlimited words, languages, and translations
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited contributors
  • Pro-active review
  • Translation Glossary
  • Intelligent translation memory (InTM)
  • Community translations (ShareTM)
  • Machine translations

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Up to 2,500 source keys limit #️⃣

Choose between 1,000, 1,500 or 2,500 source keys to go with your Professional plan subscription.

Source key is basically a single string of text in your source language stored in Localazy. It can be a button label or a short paragraph of text in a dialogue window.

The Professional plan source key limit is usually enough for most smaller projects, and you can increase your limit as you grow. All of your projects share the limit which applies to your account.

Google Translate and MT pre-translate #️⃣

Localazy provides Amazon Translate suggestions by default. However, the ability to compare different MT engine suggestions leads to better translations. Professional plan unlocks Google Translate suggestions directly in the translation interface, where you have the most context.

Additionally, with the Professional plan enabled, you can use the pre-translate function to apply machine translations of your choice to your texts bulk. Just select the desired engine and target language.

Learn more about Additional MT Engines

Screenshots (with OCR) #️⃣

Context Screenshots allow you to attach screenshots from your project to your source keys, so translators and reviewers will make more accurate translations.

Screenshots OCR (optical character recognition) can recognize text in the uploaded context screenshots and suggest the relevant source keys to link if there is a good match. Consequently, it reduces the amount of time required to find and link source keys and the chance of overlooking relevant source keys to link.

Learn more about Screenshots OCR

Multiplatform Development #️⃣

Localazy is perfect for developing your app simultaneously on multiple platforms. With Format Conversions, you can convert translated files between different formats by including the conversion section in your localazy.json configuration file.

You can also filter content, change how plurals and string arrays are stored, convert files to multilingual ones, etc. and seamlessly output your translations in many different formats.

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Translation Sharing #️⃣

Share Translations among projects with the Connected Projects feature. Perfect for translating a portfolio of similar projects that share same texts.

Once you set everything up, Localazy keeps your translations in sync without any extra steps needed, speeds up the translation process by automatically approving matching texts, and allows all projects to tap into one central glossary.

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Release Versions #️⃣

Developing software is an iterative process, and using the latest ever-changing version of your translations in a production or staging environment may not be a good idea.

Once you activate the Professional plan, you can start using the Releases to create and manage snapshots called Release Tags and release updated translations iteratively only when you want.

Read more about Release Tags

Custom Plurals #️⃣

Define custom plural forms per language to ensure compatibility with your i18n library.

Learn more about Plurals

Additional services available #️⃣

You can also order our additional services and individually purchase credits for the Continuous Localization services or set up Translation Delivery.

Continuous Localization Team #️⃣

Focus on what’s important and let the Continuous Localization Team automatically translate and review your texts to selected languages. Choose between human-assisted machine translation or professional translations, and we will handle everything from there!

Learn more about Continuous Localization Team

Translation Delivery #️⃣

Our CDN allows you to use translated files directly. Our CDN runs on reliable and fast Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and you can rely on it with your production website/app.

Learn more about Localazy CDN

Integrate Localazy OTA updates for Android and iOS without a single change of your source code. Learn more about why it’s the only solution that can localize your app fully and completely on the fly.

Learn more about Localazy OTA

CDN and OTA are both parts of our Online Services and their pricing is usage-based (credit card required).

Upgrade your Professional plan #️⃣

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