Localazy CDN

Learn how to use Localazy CDN to deliver translations to your users.

What is CDN? 🔗

Our CDN allows you to use translated files directly. Our CDN runs on reliable and fast Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and you can rely on it with your production website/app.

Just get the link, and you won’t have to worry about updates of translations.

CDN is a part of our Online Services and it’s pricing is usage based.

Metafiles 🔗

Along with your translated files, the so-called metafiles are also available through the CDN - you can get it in JSON, Javascript, or Typescript.

Metafiles contain additional information that can help you, e.g., make the language selector completely manageable from within Localazy.

From the metafile, you can get:

  • filename and path for each of the files
  • all languages for each of the files, including:
    • locale code
    • English and localized name
    • URL to CDN for each of the languages
    • function for resolving plural form (in JS/TS file)
    • timestamp of the last update

Metafile, e.g. for JavaScript can look like this:

const localazyMetadata = {
  "projectUrl": "https://localazy.com/p/demo-project",
  "baseLocale": "en",
  "timestamp": 8000445088587515945,
  "files": {
    "f7c17299cdf3c25566850c9f12e1884f52ac237a": {
      "file": "file.ts",
      "path": "src/modules/guided-tours/tours/add-language-tour/locale",
      "library": "",
      "module": "",
      "buildType": "",
      "productFlavors": [ ],
      "locales": [
          "language": "en",
          "region": "",
          "script": "",
          "isRtl": false,
          "name": "English",
          "localizedName": "English",
          "uri": "/_a816546212130918361adf3ad9/_e0/f7c17299cdf3c25566850c9f12e1884f52ac237a/en/file.ts",
          "plural": (n) => { return (n===1) ? "one" : "other"; }
          "timestamp":  8070729385790395926
          "language": "cs",
          "region": "",
          "script": "",
          "isRtl": false,
          "name": "Czech",
          "localizedName": "Čeština",
          "uri": "/_a816546212130918361adf3ad9/_e0/f7c17299cdf3c25566850c9f12e1884f52ac237a/cs/file.ts",
          "plural": (n) => { return (n===1) ? "one" : (n>=2 && n<=4) ? "few" : "other"; }
          "timestamp":  8070729385790395926

export default localazyMetadata;

Combine with Release Tags 🔗

Localazy CDN works smoothly with Release Tags too! You can link to tagged versions of your files and be sure that recent changes are not going to break your website/app.

Just publish the tag, and it’s available quickly on the CDN.

Navigate to your app in Localazy and select File management from the side menu. Click on the three dots menu of the file for which you want to get the CDN links. Here you can copy the URL for one of your languages, as well as metafile URL.

With the Release Tags feature active (available in the Professional tier), you can also specify which tag you want to use.

CDN link in Localazy UI

Learn how to get CDN links through CLI commands in the CLI documentation article.

Pricing 🔗

The Pricing for CDN is usage based. When activated, we charge for online services at the end of the billing period or when your current expenses exceed $50.

Volume Price/Unit
1GB $0.5
1000 requests $0.005

Example: If you translation file has 40kB and you make 1,000,000 requests, the price will be computed as following:

  • (1,000,000 / 1,000) * 0.005 = $5
  • (1,000,000 * 40kB) / 1GB * 0.05 = $2
  • Total: $7

To see your current expenses and stats, activate the service by clicking on Online Services card in the Marketplace.

Marketplace stats