What is CDN? 🔗

Our localization CDN allows you to download translated files directly from multiple data centers located all over the world to ensure your users get them with minimal latency.

Built on top of Amazon AWS, it’s a reliable and fast way to update translations automatically without any additional action needed.

Localazy CDN pricing is usage-based.

Navigate to your app in Localazy and select File management from the side menu. Click on the three dots menu of the file for which you want to get the CDN links. Here you can copy the URL for one of your languages and a metafile URL.

With the Release Tags feature active (available in the Professional tier), you can also specify which tag you want to use.

CDN link in Localazy UI

Learn how to get CDN links through CLI commands in the CLI documentation article.

Pricing 🔗

See localization CDN pricing for more information.