Until now, to thoroughly test out the features Localazy offers, you had to commit to a subscription plan with a 7-day trial period. Choosing the right plan before you can try everything means you have had to do some research beforehand, insert your card details, and then watch out for the trial's expiration while testing the platform with the plan you selected.

As a new user, the new trial model gives you more breathing room and time to explore everything.

­čĽ╣´ŞĆ How does it work? ­čöŚ

The trial period is activated upon signup immediately, giving you access to all features of the Localazy Business plan for 14 days. No more waiting around for activation or being confined to limited functionality. It's a straightforward gateway to unlocking the platform's potential.


­čŤŹ´ŞĆ What is included in the trial? ­čöŚ

The new trial offers users a deep dive into Localazy's capabilities.

You can upload up to 10,000 source keys, allowing for a substantial project scope right from the start. Additionally, you can pre-translate up to 1,000 keys in bulk and see how Localazy can help you streamline the localization process and save valuable time.

You can also take advantage of features like  Screenshots, Releases, and Format Conversions, gaining insight into the platform's versatility across different project needs.

You can test drive all integrations, including popular tools like Figma and Zapier, and seamlessly integrate Localazy into your existing workflows. The trial also allows you to translate content from your Strapi, Directus, or Storyblok websites, as well as Intercom help articles.

The trial allows you to experience the full spectrum of Localazy's capabilities. This means leveraging advanced features like Branching and Duplicity Linking, empowering teams of various sizes to confidently tackle complex localization challenges.

Once the 14-day trial period concludes, you have the freedom to upgrade to the plan that best suits your needs. No pressure, no strings attachedÔÇöjust the opportunity to make an informed decision based on firsthand experience.


­čÜÇ Get started today! ­čöŚ

Are you ready to start? Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to streamline your localization process or a complete newcomer eager to explore the world of multilingual content, you can explore how Localazy can help you with your efforts.