Prerequisites #️⃣

Installation #️⃣

Strapi Marketplace #️⃣

Recommended: Get the plugin following the steps in the Strapi Marketplace:

Install plugin via NPM #️⃣

The plugin can also be installed via NPM.

Localazy plugin requires an updated Webpack configuration of your Strapi project. Because Strapi is using Webpack 5, it is necessary to disable some Node.js polyfills in the Strapi monorepo. To make the process smooth, install the package using the npm install @localazy/strapi-plugin@latest && npx @localazy/strapi-plugin command and follow the instructions.

Due to the changes in Strapi core code it’s also necessary to add an environment variable to your Strapi project. Add the following line to your .env file (value is empty):


Alternatively, make the following steps:

  • Open the webpack.config.js file of your Strapi project (or create one in the src/admin directory)
  • Update the config file with the configuration below
module.exports = (config, webpack) => {
  return {
    resolve: {
      fallback: {
        crypto: false,
        http: false,
        fs: false,
        zlib: false,
        https: false,
        stream: false,
        path: false,
        timers: false,
        tls: false,
        net: false,
        url: false,
        querystring: false,
  • Run the npm run build command to build the admin panel

Support #️⃣