Introduction & Installation


The Strapi localization plugin by Localazy allows you to sync your content with Localazy and translate it with available tools. You can manage your language versions separately in Localazy and import new content for translation as you add it seamlessly without manual copypasting or file importing.

Prerequisites 🔗

Installation 🔗

Strapi Marketplace 🔗

Recommended: Get the plugin following the steps in the Strapi Marketplace:

Install plugin via NPM 🔗

The plugin can also be installed via NPM.

Use the plugin in a clean project locally 🔗

Besides installing the plugin via npm, it can also be used in a project locally. Assuming the user has a (clean) Strapi project set up, do:

  1. Copy the whole contents.
  2. Paste it into ./src/plugin/localazy folder of the project (path from project root).
  3. Create ./config/plugins.js file (path from project root).
  4. Add the following contents to ./config/plugins.js file:
module.exports = {
  localazy: {
    enabled: true,
    resolve: "./src/plugins/localazy",
    config: {
      default: () => {},
      validator: () => {},
  1. Build and run the project. The plugin will be available in the admin.

Support 🔗