Download translations

Download the content translated in Localazy to your Strapi project.

Not all languages supported by Localazy are supported by Strapi. Keep in mind that downloading an unsupported locale to Strapi will result in a warning. Supported languages will still be downloaded.

You don’t need to create a locale in Strapi first, it will be created automatically while downloading (if the locale is supported by Strapi).

Download to Strapi đź”—

Navigate to the Download to Strapi screen in the plugin.

Click the Start download button. Let the plugin fetch the fresh translations and check the download report.

The download report includes:

  • Overall download result,
  • created locale,
  • not supported locale,
  • created entry in a certain language,
  • updated entry in a certain language.

Strapi Localization Plugin - Download to Localazy

Remember, download is not enabled in case of Content Types Model changes or incompatible languages. Make sure to keep the Content Transfer Setup up to date.