The configuration #️⃣

Every time a collection type is modified (add, update, delete a field or a whole collection), the Content Transfer Setup needs to be checked and updated according to the collection types. Otherwise, the plugin won’t be able to determine whether a user wants to transfer the field or not, and consequently, it won’t let the user proceed with upload or download.

The Content Transfer Setup screen looks similar to the screen below.

Strapi localization Plugin - Content Transfer Setup

Some of the fields are disabled (shown as grey). This is due to the fact that the fields are not texts. For instance, a field named Pages in the Books collection is a number and therefore doesn’t have to be translated. Similar applies, e.g., for relations.

Disabling the whole collection #️⃣

The whole collection can be disabled from transferring by toggling the switch on the right side of the collection’s name. This way, the transfer setup of the collection can be kept intact for when a user decides to transfer it later without a need to click on the fields repeatedly.

In order for the collection to appear in the Content Transfer Setup, it must be marked as localizable. Similarly, a field must be marked as localizable in order to be enabled.

To enable localization for the field (or collection), go to Advanced Settings and make sure the checkbox named Enable localization for this field (or Content-Type) is checked.

Dynamic Zones support #️⃣

The plugin supports localization of Dynamic Zones.

In the Content Transfer Setup, a Dynamic Zone component is marked with the “infinity icon”.

In the image below, the lesson_type is a Dynamic Zone field with lesson.lecture, lesson.quiz and lesson.survey components available to choose from.

Strapi localization Plugin - Content Transfer Setup - Dynamic Zone