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How to define your glossary

A glossary is an essential tool for ensuring high-quality translation and providing the context for translators. Learn how to use Localazy glossary.

Follow our 3 point step-by-step tutorial on how to create your project translation glossary.

Watch video tutorial and learn in one minute 🔗

Follow written instructions and screenshots 🔗

Glossary definition in Localazy is straightforward. Navigate to Glossary and create your first term. Localazy Tutorial - Glossary, step 1

Glossary creation interface fields 🔗

Step 2. Term details

Localazy Tutorial - Glossary, step 1

Term in source language

Enter your desired term to be defined in the glossary.

Term description

Enter the description of the term to be defined. You can also describe the context within the application as your glossary is private and connected to your app only.

Translate checkbox

Please decide whether your term must be translated or kept as is.

For example, the brand name is not translated in many cases and you might want to protect it against unwanted translation by use of glossary.

Case sensitivity checkbox

Please decide whether your term matching is case-sensitive or not.

For example, the term “Booking” will be matched with glossary only if translation phrases include exact match “Booking”. Term “booking” will not be matched by the glossary.

Step 3. Term translations

Localazy Tutorial - Glossary, step 2

New language dropdown

Choose your target language. You can add new languages as needed.

Term translation field

Enter the right translation for the previously selected target language.

And that’s it! Your glossary is ready to help your contributors provide best translations for your mobile app.