How to do crowdsourced translations?

At Localazy, we are aware that software localization is commonly conducted with the help of volunteers recruited from the userbase of the product.

While these volunteering translators may not be professionals and carry a risk of low quality or even sabotage of the translations with them, there are some advantages to using crowdsourced translations.

  • Your users know the product well; they are using it actively and understand the context and meaning of texts they translate.
  • They are volunteers, which means they do the work for free.
  • You still have control over the translations that reach your audience with the review process.
  • Localazy makes the crowdsourced translation process easy with a built-in permission system, proactive review, and additional features which help you make correct decisions.

It helps to prepare your project in a certain way to promote translator productivity. Read these articles before you start with crowdsourced translations to make the process comfortable for all parties involved. Once you are ready, integrate Localazy with your project and begin inviting contributors.

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