Localazy is a continuous localization platform and web-based translation management system (TMS) that strives to make the usually awful software localization and translation experience efficient and enjoyable for independent developers and product teams of any size.

First steps #️⃣

Watch the video:

Sign up for free #️⃣

Create a free account or sign up via your Google or Github account. 💳 No credit card is required!

Localazy Sign Up Screen

After logging in, create and integrate your first project to start translating immediately.

Create your first project #️⃣

The initial setup is straightforward, with only a few fields to fill in.

Localazy - Create a new project

  • Project name: The name of your project
  • Project type: Choose whether you want to present your app to be translated by anyone (best for community-driven projects) or keep it private and manage who has access to your app (best for commercial projects). In both cases, you are in total control of the final translations.
  • Source language: Select the source language of your app as the language that serves as a source of truth. All translations derive from it but you can also select alternative source languages for translation in the project settings later.
  • Use community translations? Get parts of your app translated into 80+ languages immediately with the power of Localazy ShareTM. With this option enabled, your project will become a part of the shared translation memory and will share translations with other projects with the option enabled.

Learn more about ShareTM and InTM

Select your integration #️⃣

The next step is populating your empty project with content to translate. Select from the ever-growing list of integrations Localazy supports and import your strings. 🕹️ There are many ways of doing this, depending on your project and requirements.

See the list of available integrations

Localazy - Selecting Integration

Import files manually #️⃣

The quick and easiest way is to upload your file(s) directly. This approach allows you to try Localazy immediately without installing any tools and setting up workflows.

Feel free to select this option to get your feet wet before deciding on one of the following options, which offer more robust integration with extra benefits.

Learn more about Importing files

Use Localazy CLI #️⃣

Localazy CLI is a developer’s best friend. This powerful toolset enables you to automate most of the workflow and make the translation process a set and forget endeavor tightly integrated with your tech stack. Upload and download your texts automatically on each build or commit, convert files, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Learn the basics of Localazy CLI

Start with SDK #️⃣

Integrate your Android app or Swift project (iOS, macOS) with the respective Localazy SDK and unlock the full potential of Localazy for native application development to completely automate the process of handling localization files.

Learn more about 🤖 Localazy Android SDK Learn more about 🍏 Localazy Swift SDK

Use Public API #️⃣

You can also use the Localazy API to import content to your project. You can then use Localazy API for fetching up-to-date translations and manipulate other aspects of your projects programmatically.

Learn more on the blog: The ultimate guide to Localazy API

Native Integrations #️⃣

Add new languages #️⃣

After successful integration, add new 🚩 languages to start the localization journey.

Add new languages to your Localazy project

You can select the desired language from the dropdown list by clicking on the “+ Add languages” button.

Start translating #️⃣

Now it’s time to start translating your strings! 🎌 The translation interface is clean and free of distracting elements and unnecessary options. This simplicity enables a low barrier for entry, and anyone can jump right in without getting lost.

Localazy Translation Screen

The translation screen includes suggestions by Localazy ShareTM or InTM and machine translation engines. You can also view similar strings, previous versions, or translations in other languages for additional context.

Learn more about translating strings in Localazy

Review translations #️⃣

You are always in complete control over the 🔎 quality of your product, and this includes translations. Check for typos or missing placeholders before approving translations, flag them as needing improvement, and so on.

Localazy Review Screen

Some translations are able to skip the review; this applies to translations made by the Owner, Reviewers, or Trusted translators. More on that later.

Learn more about the Localazy review process

Glossary #️⃣

The 📙 Localazy Glossary is an essential tool for ensuring high-quality translations and providing context for translators. Establish a glossary of terms early and curate it often during development and expansion of your project to achieve faster and more reliable translations.

Localazy Glossary

Learn more about the Glossary

Invite contributors and team members #️⃣

Localazy supports different 🤓 user roles for your project contributors, allowing you to collaborate with everyone involved in the localization process effectively.

Localazy User roles management

You can invite volunteers, professional translators, or your team members and assign different roles depending on the permissions you want them to have.

The roles available are:

  • Translator
  • Trusted translator
  • Reviewer
  • Manager
  • Owner

Learn more about User roles in Localazy

Keep track with Activity stream #️⃣

Stay on top of things and check progress and important events in the Activity stream, which acts as a log for your project. Whenever new strings are imported, translations completed, etc., you will find it recorded here.

Localazy Activity Stream

Advanced features #️⃣

Explore advanced features that will further help you achieve a true continuous localization experience:

These advanced features are available only with paid tiers. More on that later.

Translation delivery #️⃣

Deliver your translations seamlessly with Online Services and automate your translation distribution:

Enabling Online Services requires connecting a credit card with your account. The billing of Online Services is usage-based.

Marketplace #️⃣

The 🛍️ Marketplace lets you order translation services directly with a few clicks and upgrade your account to unlock additional features & increase your account’s source key limit.

Increase source key limit #️⃣

The Free plan includes a 200 source key limit. As your project grows 📈, you might want to increase your source key limit.

Source key is basically a single string of text in your source language stored in Localazy. E.g., a button label or a short paragraph of text in a dialogue window of your app. All of your projects share the limit which applies to your account.

You can increase your limit by upgrading your account to a higher tier in the Marketplace.

Visit the Localazy Marketplace to see available options

Order translation services #️⃣

Continuous Localization with Localazy

Localazy offers four 🚀 Continuous Localization services to choose from:

  • Professional Translations
  • Professional Proofreading
  • Human-Assisted Machine Translation
  • Human Translation Validation

To order translation services, top up your 💰 credit balance and configure which languages should be processed and how. After the initial setup, you can sit back and wait for your translations to get delivered by our team of translators.

Learn more about all Continuous Localization services

Upgrade your account #️⃣

Learn what is included with the 🕊️ Free plan or select a plan suitable for your needs:

Earn rewards in the Community section #️⃣

Inside the 🤝 Community section, you will find various ways to help Localazy grow and get rewarded for it! 🎁

Various tasks and rewards await you in the community section. Help us by submitting feedback or sharing the referral link with your peers, and get source key limit increases and other bonuses for it.

Make sure to visit the Community regularly, and don’t miss new ways to help us help you. 💖

Localazy Community Section

Join our channels to get help #️⃣

Are you stuck or need help? Do you have a question or a feature request?

  • Read our 🧭 FAQs; maybe your question is already answered there
  • Join the 💭 Localazy discussion forum to request features, report bugs, and discuss with other Localazians.

For more urgent or business-related matters, kindly contact us at 💌 [email protected] or use the little (❓) button in the top menu to open the support 🗨️ chat; we do our best to respond immediately. 😊