CAT Tool

CAT Tool stands for Computer-aided Translation Tool and is used to increase translation process productivity.

CAT Tools are well-known productivity tools especially in the translation industry. There is a lot of available CAT tools on the internet and each of them does have its own bits and bobs.

Few of CAT Tools are listed below: #️⃣

OpenSource CAT Tools: #️⃣

  • MateCAT
  • OmegaT

Free Tier CAT Tools: #️⃣

  • Localazy for Mobile Apps
  • SmartCAT
  • Google Translator Toolkit (sunset)

Paid CAT Tools: #️⃣

  • MemoQ
  • Trados
  • SmartCAT
  • Poedit

This list is not comprehensive. Feel free to Google “CAT tools” and you will find a plethora of them.

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