iOS is a mobile devices operating system developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for Apple devices.

iOS operating system for mobile devices is a proprietary (excluding some OpenSource components) made entirely for Apple hardware, which makes it a powerful solution for company’s devices from iPhones and iPads (now a special version iPadOS is in charge) to wearables such as Apple iWatch.

iOS is second most widely used operating system for mobile devices.


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Some useful info about iOS: #️⃣

  • Major versions of iOS are released annually.
  • iOS 13 does not support devices with less than 2 GB of RAM, including the iPhone 5s, iPod Touch (6th generation), and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which still make up over 10% of all iOS devices.
  • The iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) allows for the development of mobile apps on iOS.

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