🔛 Additional MT engines add-on 🔗

Have you ever wondered why we do not offer suggestions from other machine translation engines, DeepL, for example? We have some good news for you! Our main MT engine is still available totally free. However, if you would like to see more suggestions from different MT engines, you can upgrade your translations with the Additional MT engines add-on. With this add-on, you will see additional suggestions from Google Translate, Azure Translator, and DeepL. Make better and faster decisions by cross-checking translations. It’s super helpful, especially for reviews!

Localazy - Additional MT add-on

🔥 Big changes in UI! 🔗

To make sure that you always feel at home while using Localazy, we tweak our layouts every now and then to accommodate for new features and improve your experience.

What’s new?

  • New, cleaner header component with Help & Feedback buttons always visible
  • User / Organization based items moved to a new collapsible side-menu
  • New App collapsible sub-side-menu
  • Completely new UI for mobile devices

Localazy Mobile UX Update

🎌 Flags in translations dashboard 🔗

For a better orientation in your languages, we have added little flags next to the language names in the translations dashboard. Lovely, isn’t it?

🗝️ Phrase keys always visible in translate & review 🔗

By popular request, we have added a display field for phrase keys to the translate and review screens for additional context. Enjoy!

📑 Seamless transition from one language to another 🔗

When editing a translation for a phrase, you can now quickly jump to any other translation for this phrase from the Languages tab. Super helpful for those occasions when your eye catches that something is either off or missing in another language!

👋 ‘Leave App’ button added to contributor profile 🔗

If you no longer want to contribute to someone else’s app, you can leave the project. Say your goodbyes and click the button in your contributor profile of the app. Leaving the app will remove it from your dashboard, and your current role will be removed. If the app is private, you’ll also lose access to its content. See you later!

🥳 New Integrations and file-formats available 🔗

Now you can use Localazy with StencijJS, Laravel, Qt TS or Django! New file-formats are aslo available, including PHP and INI files. Happy integrating!

🗃️ From the backlog 🔗

  • LOC-1978 - Fixes to source phrase edit screen
  • LOC-2054 - Added loading state to login/signup button
  • LOC-2096 - Fixed: Update unread comment count after comment is displayed
  • LOC-2179 - Send comment when enter is pressed
  • LOC-453 - Added empty state for language list
  • LOC-2262 - Fixed save button disabled state

🤗 How to tune up your iOS localization workflow with Localazy 🔗

Watch this short video by Aad ‘t Hart @ Going Walkabout, who shares his localization workflow and how Localazy helps him translate his iOS app.

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