How it works? 🔗

In the background, Localazy uses its InTM technology, which is a much smarter version of a classic translation memory. InTM distributes existing translations between connected projects and automatically decides, whether the translation can be used right away or needs to go through review first. This can really save you a significant amount of time and money.

Connected projects also share all glossary terms by default. When you create a new term, it gets automatically distributed among your connected projects. This way, all your translators can operate within the same context, and you don’t need to redefine the terms for each project separately.

How to enable Connected Projects? 🔗

Connected Projects are an advanced feature and are available with the Professional plan and higher tiers.

Configure your connections 🔗

Once activated, open one of your projects and go to Settings -> Connected Projects. You should see the following screen with the configuration.

Localazy Connected Apps Settings

Select a project you would like to connect. Added connections should later appear in both project’s settings.

Localazy Connected Apps Settings

The connection is bidirectional and transitive. Meaning that connected projects mutually receive translations from each other. Also, if project A is connected to project B, and B is connected to C, then A might also receive translations from C and vice versa.

Translate and profit 🔗

After adding some similar source strings and translating/reviewing them, wait a short moment and visit one of the other connected projects. (Note that only approved translations might be transferred)

Localazy Connected Apps Translations

You should see that the new languages were added and have some strings translated. The transferred translations might either fall into the review process or for cases where we can determine that the source keys are precisely the same, they can be approved automatically.

Localazy Connected Apps Translations

Adding glossary items will also propagate them across all connected projects.

Localazy Connected Apps Glossary