Connected Projects are available in the Professional plan

Shared Translation Memory #️⃣

Translation memory is a database of approved translations in a project. Reusing translations for duplicate terms is a one way of maintatining consistent terminology in your project. With the connected projects feature, you may improve the constitency across multiple projects too.

To activate cross-project translation memory, go to Tools → Connected Projects to begin. Open the TRANSLATION MEMORY tab. You should see the following screen with the configuration.

Localazy Connected Translation Memory Settings

Select a project you would like to connect. Please note that you may connect up to a maximum of 5 projects.

Localazy Shared Translation Memory

Connecting projects translation memories allows you to re-use translations from the other projects via batch translation or as suggestions during translate and review sessions.

Unlike the glossary connection is unidirectional. That means that if connected project B from a project A, project A may use Translation Memory from project B, but project B doesn’t have access to project’s A Translation Memory. In order to create a bidirectional connection, you need to connect each project individually from both project A and project B.

Translate with Translation Memory #️⃣

You may use Translation Memory to translate individual strings, files or a whole language. For example, to translate all untranslated content in a language, go to languages list overview, click on dropdown options of your target language and select Translate with Translation Memory.

Localazy Batch Translate with Translation Memory

Then select source projects for the operation. Selected project’s translation memory will be searched for existing translations that could be applied to the untranslated strings. Click on confirm to begin the translation process. At the end, you’ll see a notification about the number of strings that could have and were translated by the Translation Memory.

Batch Translate with Translation Memory Modal

Translation Memory Suggestions #️⃣

Within the translate or review interface, you may see Translation memory suggestions in the Suggestions context tab. In the example below, you can see that a recommended translation originates from the connected project spa.

Translation Memory Suggestion

In the Similar context tab, you may look up strings and their translations that originate from the connected projects as well.

Translation Memory Similar Lookup

Shared Glossary #️⃣

Go to Tools → Connected Projects to begin. Open the GLOSSARY tab. You should see the following screen with the configuration. Localazy Connected Projects Settings

Select a project you would like to connect. Added connections will appear in both project’s connections settings.

Localazy Connected Glossary Terms Settings

Shared Glossary Terms #️⃣

Adding glossary items will also propagate them across all connected projects. Each new glossary in any of the connected projects will automatically propagate to the remaining projects.

Localazy Shared Glossary

The glossary connection is bidirectional and transitive. Meaning that connected projects mutually receive glossary terms from each other. Also, if project A is connected to project B, and B is connected to C, then A will also receive terms from C and vice versa.