Connected Projects are available in the Professional plan

Configure your connections #️⃣

Once activated, open one of your projects and go to Tools -> Connected Projects. You should see the following screen with the configuration.

Localazy Connected Projects Settings

Select a project you would like to connect. Added connections should later appear in both project’s settings.

Localazy Connected Projects Settings

Shared Glossary #️⃣

Adding glossary items will also propagate them across all connected projects.

Localazy Shared Glossary

The glossary connection is bidirectional and transitive. Meaning that connected projects mutually receive glossary terms from each other. Also, if project A is connected to project B, and B is connected to C, then A will also receive terms from C and vice versa.

Shared Translation Memory #️⃣

Coming soon!

We are working hard on introducing a new and improved Translation Memory, that will replace our InTM mechanisms with more transparent and predictable behavior, more control and advanced features. Stay tuned!