What is a localization kit?

The localization kit is a subgroup of the resources, instructions, and tools needed to create a localized version of a software product or content.

🎯 Localization kits enable translators and other stakeholders (such as marketers or developers) engaged in language-related project management to work more independently because they can check their work as they proceed.

The success of a translation project and how well localization engineers, translators, and web designers coordinate depends on your localization kit. ⚒️

What elements compose a localization kit?

  • Previous translations (Translation Memory),
  • Glossary of terms
  • Agreed dialect/sub-dialect, tone, etc.
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) or Screenshots,
  • Documentation,
  • Other helpful documents & web files,
  • etc.

A localization kit comprises three types of informational resources:

  • The requirements of the final localized product,
  • The localization package with files and instructions,
  • Project details containing the timeframe and scope.

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