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Virtual Translator

Not every app has the required resources which can be put into professional localization right from day zero. Localazy already provides tools to localize your app quickly while preserving the quality of the translations. But what if the absent resource is your time? Meet our Virtual Translator (VT), human-assisted neural network translations.

How it works? 🔗

Enabling Virtual Translator for your apps will regularly scan for new phrases and automatically translate them into selected languages. It’s a cheap and simple way to introduce continuous localization to your apps without any effort. Even if you are going to request professional translations at a later stage of your project, completing it will require much less work.

Under the hood Virtual Translator combines neural network translations with our unique ShareTM technology. Everything is then carefully checked and normalized by our translators. The whole process brings much better results than pure machine translations such as Google or Amazon Translate since human verification can prevent common errors and keep the right translation context. (Which is currently one of the most challenging problems to solve in MT.).

In the Localazy Marketplace, you can configure which apps and languages you would like to translate. There’s also an option to enable reviews of your translations done by VT. Shortly, we’re planning to add an option to opt-out of the human verification step to achieve even cheaper and faster automated translations for your apps.

How to configure VT? 🔗

If you haven’t used Virtual Translator before, visit the Marketplace first. You should see a configure button in the Virtual Translator widget.

Clicking on “Configure” will bring you to the VT configuration screen, where you can setup VT for your apps in detail.

Select apps and languages 🔗

From the available dropdowns, first select apps which you would like to translate with VT. This helps us figure out which apps you intend to translate if there are more than one.

The second dropdown offers a list of languages into which you can have your app translated. The list is limited to a specific set of languages, and it is going to grow in the future based on actual demand. Select ones you wish to translate.

Enable translation or review 🔗

VT operates in two modes aligned with Localazy’s translation/review workflow. You can enable VT either for app translation, review or both at the same time. If both translation and review are enabled VT works in the following order:

  1. VT reviews existing phrases, if they’re waiting for review
  2. VT translates existing languages
  3. VT adds new languages specified in VT config
  4. VT reviews automatically suggested phrases
  5. VT translates the rest which is still missing

If one of the translate or review is disabled, the corresponding steps are skipped accordingly.

Add credits to start 🔗

To be able to start using VT, you need to top-up some credits. You can do so by clicking on “Increase” and completing the transaction. If everything is set up correctly, VT will charge 0.05 credits per every translated word and 0.03 credits per reviewed word until everything is translated or your credit balance gets depleted.

Notes 🔗

  • Since VT translations are verified by our human translators, the translations are not available immediately. We do our best to review pending translations in 1-2 business days, based on language demand.
  • If you have any questions or requests regarding VT, please contact us at