What is the workflow of Human Translation Validation?

You might be wondering what the workflow is once you order our Continuous Localization service called Human Translation Validation.

  1. Before you start setting up Human Translation Validation, add some languages and translations. These translations can be sourced from contributors and volunteers, you invited to help translate your project.
  2. Then, go to the Order translations screen on your Localazy dashboard and select these languages for Human Translation Validation. Top up your credits and go through the needed steps to set up your configuration.
  3. After everything is up and running, Reviewers from Localazy team start reviewing available translations in selected languages. You will see the progress in the Activity Stream, and we will notify you when all work is done or when your balance reaches zero before work is completed.
  4. Sit back, check the results and forget about translation reviews because once you keep a sufficient balance, the Continuous Localization Team works day and night proactively to review newly added or changed translations!

And that’s it, using Localazy with enabled Human Translation Validation is a breeze - achieve your localization goals in record time with the Continuous Localization Team by Localazy by your side.

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