Becard went global with easy-to-use localization tracking tools

Becard commercializes digital business cards for companies and marketing departments. This efficient and environmentally friendly method allows contact information to be effortlessly shared via link, QR code, or NFC.

The Challenge

Befriend global users with intuitive tools

Making the platform accessible to a global audience by localizing it to dozens of languages. The objective was not only to provide a precise translation but to do so by carefully considering cultural differences. The platform had to be user-friendly and appeal to different regions in order to promote international growth while making internal project tracking easy.

"Localazy has significantly streamlined our localization process, making it more efficient and organized. The ease of collaboration and the clear tracking of translation progress have been instrumental in improving our workflow."
Manuel Radenkovic
Managing Director of Behires Services GmbH
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The Solution

Transparent workflows with Localazy

Becard used Localazy API to efficiently process their source files and help team members easily access the content that needed translation. Using our PHP/Laravel integration, they automatically integrated the files into the project seamlessly. 


Quick PHP integration for seamless localization management
  • Efficient translation management.

  • User-friendly features.

  • Easy collaboration and clear progress-tracking tools.

  • Reliable customer support.

  • Ample coverage for different locales.

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The Result

27 new locales for international expansion

The team at Becard adapted their marketing content to 27 locales with Localazy's help in just two weeks. After the PHP/Laravel integration was completed, their internal translation team was able to start localizing immediately. The website is currently available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Hindi. Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Slovak, and Swedish are the next languages in their implementation list.

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