Learn the process of the Figma plugin authentication.

Process 🔗

Disconnected 🔗

If a project is currently disconnected or you’ve just run the Localazy Figma Plugin for the very first time, you will see a window notifying you to connect the plugin to a project.

Connect Plugin Screen

Connect plugin 🔗

Click on the CONNECT PLUGIN button. If you are not signed up and logged in into your Localazy account, please do so. You will be redirected straight to the authentication page.

Select an existing project 🔗

On the page, you are prompted to select an existing project. Projects are sorted alphabetically.

If you don’t have any projects created in your Localazy profile, you won’t be able to continue the authentication process. Please, create a project first and then repeat the authentication process.

Please note that the project’s source language should correspond with the Figma design’s language.

Select Project

Localazy OAuth servers will verify your identity and proceed to a page informing you about the authentication result. If everything goes well, you can return to Figma. Now, one of two scenarios will happen.

You don’t have the Autopilot Tier or higher 🔗

In case you don’t have either Autopilot Tier or higher active, the plugin will notify you about this, and you won’t be able to use the plugin.

You can either activate one of the plans in the Marketplace or log out and try to use a different Localazy account.

If you’ve just been invited to an organization in Localazy, it is also possible that the organization owner does not have a suitable active tier. Contacting the owner might resolve the problem.

Figma plugin disabled

After enabling the Localazy Figma Plugin, click on the I ALREADY HAVE AUTOPILOT TIER button, and you will be allowed to use the plugin.

You have the Autopilot Tier or higher active 🔗

If you have a suitable plan active, plugin UI will display directly.

Empty project UI

Limitations 🔗

Localazy Figma Plugin will be waiting to finish the authentication process for 3 minutes. After that, authentication will fail, and you’ll have to start the process over.

Notes 🔗

Your identity is remembered even after closing the plugin. If you close the plugin while you have a project connected and rerun it, you can continue your work right where you have stopped.

Also, it is possible to connect a different project per each Figma file (even using a different Localazy account). In such a way, you will never have to face disconnect/connect project struggles while working on more projects at once.

Multiple Projects Connected