Let’s get started 🔗

If a project is currently disconnected or you’ve just run the Localazy Figma Plugin for the very first time, you will see a window notifying you to connect the plugin to a project.

Connect Plugin Screen

Authenticate 🔗

Click on the CONNECT PLUGIN button. If you are not signed up and logged in into your Localazy account, a login screen will appear. Otherwise, you will be redirected straight to the authorization page.

Select an existing project or create new 🔗

On the authorization page, you can either select an existing project in Localazy or simply create a new one.

Auth dialog

Localazy OAuth servers will verify your identity and proceed to a page informing you about the authentication result. If everything goes well, you can return to Figma. If you have a suitable plan active, plugin UI will load.

Empty project UI

Autopilot Tier 🔗

In case you don’t have at least Autopilot Tier active, go to the Localazy marketplace and start a Free trial one of those plans.

If you’ve just been invited to an organization in Localazy, it is also possible that the organization owner does not have a suitable active tier. Contacting the owner might resolve the problem.

Figma plugin disabled

After enabling the Localazy Figma Plugin, click on the I ALREADY HAVE AUTOPILOT TIER button, and you will be allowed to use the plugin.

Notes 🔗

  • Localazy Figma Plugin will be waiting to finish the authentication process for 3 minutes. After that, authentication will fail, and you’ll have to start the process over.

  • Your identity is remembered even after closing the plugin. If you close the plugin while you have a project connected and rerun it, you can continue your work right where you have stopped.

  • It is possible to connect a different project per each Figma file. In such a way, you will never have to disconnect/connect project while working on more projects at once.

Multiple Projects Connected