Project specification and documentation is a time saver 🔗

Imagine you are going to localize your app into another language. Externalized strings? Of course, that is a no-brainer. So you decide to give it a try with a first language, and during testing, you find out that your UI does not find longer words in other languages. Yikes. And this is just a straightforward example of a huge issue you can face if project specification from the very start does not count with app localization.

  • Prepare project specification before you start developing your app

Scalability from the scratch 🔗

When it comes to scalability, one needs to consider how to approach it from two sides of the same coin. The one is making apps ready for user base expansion; the second one is making your app prepared for feature expansion. At Localazy, we strive to provide you with a smart solution for seamless app translation. All you need is to connect to our endpoint and receive translation at runtime into hundreds of language versions.

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate 🔗

Translation, contributor management, importing, exporting, reviews, deploys, and many other activities are of crucial importance for every successful mobile app localization. But do you have time to manage all the activities, especially if you are a single mobile app developer? Probably not and you are already looking for ways on how to eliminate, automate and delegate tasks you do not have to do on your own.

Elimination 🔗

Do not do things you do not have to do. At Localazy, we do our best to let you completely forget some activities, such as managing correct plurals.

Automation 🔗

When you have one additional language, it is not such a problem to manage exports and imports of updated translation files. One language later, you will find out it starts to be an activity you would prefer not to perform. But you can save much more energy with Localazy!

  • Automatic phrase translations
  • No hassle with file export/import handling
  • Up-to-date live translations in your app

Delegation 🔗

There are activities which can not be eliminated or automated easily or at all, but you still want to rid them. For example, let’s say you can not rely every time on Fully Automatic High-Quality Machine Translation (FAHQT).

Sometimes you need to choose from Human-Assisted Machine Translation (HAMT), Machine-Assisted Human Translation (MAHT) or the most expensive Human Translation unassisted without any technology (HTLGI). Translation Quality Assurance is another step which requires a review process. Unfortunately, the review process requires a highly qualified person who knows the app as his shoes. Guess who it is? Probably you, the developer.

Localazy is here to aid your translation pain

  • Easy approval of translated phrases
  • Contributors management
  • ShareTM to get automated language translations
  • Automated string priority management

Maximize the Work-Time of you and your team 🔗

There are moments when elimination, automation and delegation are not possible at all, and you just have (or want) to do it yourself. I.e. the app development itself.

Here at Localazy, we tend to maximize our Work-Time to keep the company running effectively. We live in different countries, and our users are across the globe, so time zones are also in effect. While it is possible to cut on the time costs, every day still does have only 24 hours, and one needs to cope with that.

Our mission to developers? We do our best to free your hands. Localazy is a solution to our own problem, and we are sure there are other developers who will appreciate the following features.

  • 1-minute setup
  • No changes in your app code
  • Async review process
  • Async context and knowledge sharing
  • Complete and comprehensive documentation
  • Live and async support available

Do test the app early and continuously 🔗

Localazy Developer helps developers to test translations provided by Localazy. It allows them to invalidate the cache and re-download new translations from Localazy servers and is currently available for Android.