Release Update: Improved translation/review workflow and more

You are our most important decision-maker. Within today’s release, you will learn about our new improvements.

🔥 Unified translate/review screen 🔗

Make your work with Localazy even more straightforward and burn through more tasks in less time. We have connected the translate and review workflows into one screen with a streamlined process to get new languages. You gotta see it with your own eyes!

workflow update

💡 Turn your ideas into perks 🔗

Request improvements using and vote for the champions. We will make sure authors are rewarded once improvements are in place.

✉️ Improved user invitations by email 🔗

  • Invite multiple users at once
  • Choose user role before sending an invitation
  • Minor bugs fixed in mail invitations

🛠️ Invite developer to integrate Localazy 🔗

Not the right person to integrate Localazy? Dedicate the task to your developer. Create your app and send instructions with invitations directly to your developer’s inbox.

Invite developer

💰 Updated pricing 🔗

We are making changes to our pricing to make Localazy as transparent as possible while keeping it easy to understand for people considering our service. Rest assured, current users will not be affected. It is quite the opposite! We do our best to be the most affordable i18n & l10n tool on the market!

🛡️ Shields to show your stellar language support 🔗

Show your users how great localization is. Use shields wherever you want and attract more contributors to help you with app translations.

Explore Localazy shields on Github

🗃️ From the backlog 🔗

  • Fixed LOC-1266 Source phrase placeholders are missing
  • Fixed LOC-1240 Fix sorting of versions in review
  • Fixed LOC-1223 Language select autocomplete UX improvements
  • Updated LOC-1251 Update IntelliSense for CLI
  • Added LOC-1267 Add file and path to phrase key

🤗 Localazy supports Flutter Force 🔗

We are proud to support Flutter Force, a weekly digest for Flutter developers by our user Ümit Duran. Are you an author and you have something to share? Contact Jakub on our Discord server.

♨️ Read it while it is hot on the blog 🔗

Why allow users to switch languages? Learn why allowing users to switch languages in your app is crucial for sound app localization.

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