Lay back and celebrate with Localazy

The Hot European summer is approaching halftime, and the whole Localazy team works from places all over the world to help you deliver new languages for your digital products.

It has been truly a fantastic year worthy of a cool infographic that we do not have since we focus on delivering actual improvements! 😅

One of the most appreciated features, Localazy Continuous Localization, made its debut in Q1, and nowadays, many well-established brands and growing startups alike can rely on Localazy when it comes to the automated delivery of new languages for their digital products.

🎉 It is the right time to lay back and celebrate... for the users! 🔗

While the Localazy team works to deliver well-anticipated features such as Teams & Organizations, Figma plugin, or webhooks support, you can now enjoy the summertime and celebrate with us.

We focus on automation of the delivery process from the first commit of new features to contractor selection and payroll. So you can still enjoy top-notch quality translations for your digital product while we make the management hassle much easier for you.

Continuous Localization with Localazy is so well-accepted that it made its way into our pricing strategy, and you can now enjoy it thoroughly as well inside Autopilot and Agency plans.

To celebrate our first recurring revenue milestone so crucial to keep expanding our team of stellar developers, you can now enjoy a limited deal for our users who have been with us for a while.

🚀 To the moon and beyond! 🔗

Release new languages with the Localazy Autopilot plan that you can now grab with a 40% discount. But hurry up because this spaceship has 100 limited seats only, and tickets are being sold off pretty quickly.

You can easily save hundreds on software localization (or digital content of your preference) just by applying for Localazy Autopilot with one single coupon:


Coupon applies to Autopilot plan for 12 months. If you buy it for one year, you will save even more because two months are on us in that case.

That equals $588 worth of professional translations on top of our highly rated localization platform for just $294.

🤔 How is that possible? Is there a catch present in the deal? 🔗

Well, this is a celebratory coupon, and we do not intend to profit from the celebration. It is our way to say thanks to all of you who expressed their confidence in Localazy. All funds you'll send our way will be used to develop your beloved localization tool even further.

So if you are our user and would like to boost your multilingual support, hit the pricing button and get your deal before others do. Also, I am pretty sure that this type of offer won't repeat as our CMO hates to give away widespread discounts.

🚀 Enjoy localization on autopilot!

Grab the Autopilot plan and let Localazy translate your projects while you sleep. Automatically.

Take off