We've got exciting news to share with you today! 🎊 Localazy has successfully closed a new investment round where it has secured several hundred thousand euros in venture capital from three new backers. We have added JIC Ventures, Garage Angels, and 12 Bullets as our newest funding partners. The company’s valuation now climbs to €4.5M after a first round led by Lighthouse Ventures (LHV), which remains in the investment pool.

Localazy aims to eliminate language barriers for 1 billion people worldwide, and this new boost will help us tremendously in our journey. “We are delighted to have received a significant boost from three highly regarded investors from the Czech Republic, including Jiří Hlavenka, a renowned investor known for his great success with Kiwi.com. Together with the fantastic team and a network of great people helping us along our journey, we are sure their support will fuel Localazy's advancement toward becoming the best localization platform on the market”, said our CEO, Vacláv Hodek, about the news.

Localazy currently serves users from 113 countries and four continents, including big mobility, health and software brands. Our aim is to become the best localization platform on the market

This is the second investment that Localazy has received in recent years. The first, of similar size, was raised from Lighthouse Ventures (LHV) in 2020. In total, we have raised nearly €1M for the development of the product so far. We currently serve users from 113 countries, including big mobility, health, and software brands, and have already achieved profitability, which makes us very excited for what's to come.

🤝 What our partners think 🔗

“Localazy is on a sound footing, and they are already profitable. Our investment will help them accelerate their growth” - Radim Kocourek, JIC Ventures

"Localazy attracted us with a successful product with excellent credentials and business growth. An important part of this is the quality and alignment of the founder, Vaclav Hódek, with our values" - Jiří Nepala, Garage Angels

"Seeing translation automation in practice was impressive. Thanks to the Localazy network, our developers don't have to deal with localization resources at all" - Lukáš Tóth, Rouvy

💫 What's next? 🔗

Thanks to the partners’ support, Localazy intends to:

  • 🗣️ Upgrade our localization processes.
  • ⚙️ Increase the number of software integrations available.
  • 🥳 Further improve customer success.
  • 📈 Access new markets.
  • 👨‍💻 Reinforce our marketing and product team.

“After COVID-19 and venture capital meltdown, we are proud to have found our partners in Czechia and built stronger connections with local businesses, especially helping local companies succeed globally”, adds our CEO.

🚀 Localazy's history 🔗

This comes as a huge accomplishment for our team, which set off on an adventure in 2020 when Localazy was founded as a mobile app localization startup. The initial goal was to translate mobile apps, but the platform soon evolved into a one-stop-shop solution for the translation management needs of individuals and companies of any size. As time went by, we realized that having easy l10n and i18n solutions available, including machine translation, multilingual marketing tools, and quality assurance services, was invaluable for many global businesses and communities.

"Keeping projects that are constantly evolving well translated into all supported languages is a rather complicated thing. But we managed to come to the market with a really user-friendly solution," says Hodek.

The core team at Localazy, with Václav Hodek (CEO) front and center.

We started out in the Czech Republic. After only three years of work, we've reached  North and South America, Africa, Asia, and other European countries with our system, in which automation and a clear design are the main stars.

Localazy was founded in 2020 in the Czech Republic. Three years later, we've reached North and South America, Africa, Asia and other European countries with our localization platform and impacted 500M people

Some of the famous brands using Localazy are your favorite banks and automotive manufacturers, as well as innovators of all kinds, such as ROUVY or Scaleway. Non-profit & social enterprise platforms all over the world, like Plastic Bank, Donar Online, or CARE, also use Localazy to boost their positive impact internationally.

We have already impacted 500M people globally with our software. If you drive a car with a display, use a banking app, buy medicine or collect plastic trash in the Philippines, there’s a chance you probably already benefit from Localazy. The possibilities of a good localization strategy are truly endless!

👋 Join us 🔗

  • If you are a company (big or small) that wants to streamline and simplify localization processes, book a demo with us to see our product in action!
  • If you have a community or non-profit project that you want to convert to other languages, take a look at our features to crowdsource multilingual translations.
  • If you are a developer, feel free to explore our repository at GitHub.
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